Athletes with tiny WAGS

Celebrities offer us all the gossip we need when the days are starting to drag, and there is nothing on the TV. It can be like living in a soap opera but with real people. Could it get any better? Although there are several ways to reach the height of fame, there is one group of people making their claim on the world in one particular way: sports. These superstar athletes are known for scoring all those last minute points, hitting the ball just at the right moment, or jumping just one-inch further than ever before. If there anything these stars can’t do? However, they also have us talking for a whole host of other reasons. For some reason, we can’t help but delve deep into their private lives. Who are the people that make these stars so great?

Over the years we have got to watch the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, and even Cheryl and Ashley Cole, as they not only dominate the world of sports but also take over the media with their incredible relationships. Sometimes there is proof that we can fall in love with anyone, regardless of our differences. So what about when there is a major height difference? Well, these athletes with tiny wives don’t seem to mind as they have found themselves the perfect pocket-sized addition to their family.
[post_page_title]Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams[/post_page_title]
Chris is seen putting all his 6-foot 11-inch height to good use while on the basketball court! While he might not currently be signed up to a team, in February 2018 the athlete announced that a return to the NBA might not be off the cards just yet. However, when this star goes home he is in for a huge change of pace as waiting for him is former model and actress, Adrienne Williams. Together, the pair share four children. We wonder whose height they will inherit? The couple often cause a stir on the red carpet. This isn’t only from Adrienne’s collection of eye-catching dresses, but also thanks to their nearly two-foot height difference!

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