Why baseball is the most unique sport of all time

For over a hundred years people have been going to the ballpark to see their favorite baseball teams. The fans have a close bond to their favorite teams and will follow them no matter how successful, or not, they are. It is a unique sport, and these are the reasons why baseball stands out from the crowd.

162 games a season

Sports like football have an incredibly short season, you’re just getting into the swing of things and before you know it the season is over. Each team plays just 16 times in the NFL, but in MLB teams play 162 games every year. That gives the fans so many opportunities to go and watch their favorite baseball stars do their thing on the field.

Why baseball is the most unique sport of all time

It’s played every day

If you just can’t get enough of watching baseball then you can go and watch your team play every single day. You don’t have to wait a whole week for your latest fix of sport, it comes to you each and every day during the season. That does mean when the season is over it can feel like a lifetime to wait for another game of baseball. As baseball is played in the summer, there are winter sports to enjoy such as football and basketball.

It’s over when it’s over

Unlike in football or basketball, the entire game must be played in baseball. The saying “it’s over when it’s over” means that every pitch must be thrown before a winner is declared. There is no way of running down the clock, and every single ball or swing is vitally important. Baseball isn’t on the clock like other sports, so it’s played at a slower pace, allowing fans to settle in their seats and soak in the atmosphere.

Why baseball is the most unique sport of all time

It takes fans back to a time when every single second wasn’t being monitored, allowing them to sit back and enjoy the spectacle rather than focusing on the end goal. This approach means that baseball is much more focused on seeing what develops, rather than trying to force things to happen.

The home run

The touchdown or slam dunk are pretty iconic scores in other sports, but none are better than the home run. Literally knocking the ball out of the park, the players can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the diamond as they bask in the glory of the fans. If the fans are lucky, the home run will land right in their laps, and they get the added bonus of taking the ball home with them.

Why baseball is the most unique sport of all time

Opening Day

Every single team will be playing on Opening Day as fans have been waiting eagerly for the beginning of the new season. All games are sellouts, and the fans are always in rowdy but high spirits. For the fans, Opening Day is the chance to put a terrible last season behind them and to renew their hope for the coming matches.
For these reasons, baseball is the most unique sport of all time. It is America’s favorite pastime and always will be.

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