The beautiful women behind your favorite wrestlers

You love watching them take to the ring against their fiercest opponents, but do you know about the personal lives of your favorite wrestlers? The WWE was founded back in 1980 and since then, hundreds of wrestling stars have popped onto the scene. Up until the 1990s, most of the wrestlers to take to the ring were men. But then, female wrestlers started breaking into the sport. The WWE holds more than 500 events every year, which gives us a chance to watch our favorite wrestlers battle it out in the ring.

While we all love learning about who the hottest celebrities are dating or married to (even if they only get married for a little while), we do not know nearly as much about the wives and girlfriends of our favorite wrestlers. We decided to compile a list of the best wrestlers in the business and take a closer look at their relationships out of the spotlight. Many of the couples on this list are pairs of wrestlers who decided to mix their work lives with their home lives. You have probably heard of many of the wives and girlfriends that made our list as many of them are famous professional wrestlers in their own right. Many of the women on our list are even more famous than their male counterparts.
However, not every woman on this list is a wrestler. Some are teachers or even financial analysts! While many of these couples are still together today and are raising families, others did not stand the test of time, and some even had to go through rather public break ups. If you want to know who is dating who in the world of wrestling, or who your favorite wrestling superstars are married to, keep reading.
[post_page_title]Kristin Austin | Steve Austin[/post_page_title]
This wrestler is better known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he has had a successful career as an actor and media personality. However, Austin has not had so much successful when it comes to his marriages. Austin was married a number of times before he married Kristin. In fact, he even had charges made against him by one of his ex wives. Austin has found happiness in his latest marriage, as him and Kristin have been together in matrimony since 2009.

Kristin Austin | Steve Austin

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