Celebrities who used to be cheerleaders

Celebrities who used to be cheerleaders

Although it is easy to forget, most celebrities were at one point just a normal (or somewhat normal) high school student. Even the most famous actors, singers and media personalities were at one point trying to survive the awkward years of high school just like all of us. Some celebrities on this list were already pretty well-known and working before they even graduated, and many were regular students just like us.
Okay, let’s be real, these are celebrities after all. They are all gorgeous human beings, and most on this list are known for their mad performance skills. So, it would only make sense that they would part of their school’s most elite and most beautiful group of girls; the cheerleading team. Even if you hated them, you can’t say that you didn’t sometimes imagine yourself in their adorable little miniskirts, high ponytails and poofy pom poms strolling around the hallways like you owned the place.
For many celebrities on this list, cheerleading is actually where they learned to be a performer, and helped give them confidence to start on their road to fame and success. From the adorable Meryl Streep to the stunning Kendall Jenner, here is the complete list of celebrities…when they were cheerleaders.
[post_page_title]Cameron Diaz[/post_page_title]
Before the blonde bombshell was on the big screen, she was on the cheerleading team at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She clearly always had her beauty, and started modeling when she was just 16 years old, posing for Calvin Klein and Levi’s.
Cameron Diaz

Diaz got her first big movie break in 1994 when she starred alongside Jim Carrey in The Mask. Diaz captured hearts of millions with her smile and her career soared off from there.

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