Celebs who have had feuds with Meghan Markle

Celebs who have had feuds with Meghan Markle

From apparently ignoring friends to reportedly upstaging the bride at their wedding, it appears Meghan’s spent a lot of time watching “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.” She might want to take a few lessons on how to avoid upsetting celebrities, though, because they don’t tend to keep quiet when their feelings are hurt. So, who has Meghan had a feud with in the celebrity world?
[post_page_title]Meghan vs. Pippa Middleton[/post_page_title]
Ever since Meghan Markle has become a firm fixture in Prince Harry’s life, the media loves to talk about whether she and Kate Middleton get along.
Meghan vs. Pippa Middleton

The tiniest details of their interactions are analyzed to try and guess what’s what, but the fact is we may never know the truth. However, it seems that Kate might not be the Middleton sister we should be looking at if we want to talk about feuds. Meghan’s relationship with Pippa has reportedly been toxic ever since the former came between her and her sister.
[post_page_title]The third wheel[/post_page_title]
Pippa and Kate used to spend lots of time together, but ever since Meghan came along, the two allegedly rarely talk. The two duchesses are together so often that Kate never has time for her little sister anymore.
The third wheel

A source told Life & Style that Pippa feels pushed out by Harry’s wife and wishes things would go back to how they‘d been before. That may be why Meghan wasn’t present at Pippa’s wedding to James Matthews, and why the younger Middleton sibling wasn’t on the guest list for Markle’s big day.

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