Bank error gives couple $120,000, but instead of returning it they spent it

Couple charged after spending $120,000 the bank accidentally gave them

Free money – it’s all some people ever dream about. This couple, however, soon found out that there’s truly no such thing, and everything ultimately has its price.
[post_page_title]An ordinary day[/post_page_title]
Robert and Tiffany Williams awoke to the sound of their alarm clocks and began the day just like any other. The woke up, got dressed, and went to work. After a long day Tiffany and Robert finally met up again at their house, where they just relaxed and ate dinner together.
An ordinary day

That day, Tiffany had received some notifications to pay her bills and when she finished eating she went on the computer to pay them. However, she noticed something extremely odd with their bank account.

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