Every time Meghan Markle was allegedly unpleasant to the Royal Family

[post_page_title]An unwanted smell[/post_page_title]
Many royals have been lucky enough to tie the knot in some of the most picturesque locations across the nation. Meghan and Harry soon chose St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle as the perfect place to hold their wedding, but the Duchess soon found some things that needed to change before she would be a part of the wedding. Meghan felt as though the church had a musty smell and wanted staff to use atomizers to give the whole space a fresher scent instead.

An unwanted smell

This didn’t sit well with anyone at the palace, including many members of the Royal Family. In fact, the team soon refused to adapt to Meghan’s demands. They stated that if the chapel is good enough for The Queen to use for her many visits, then it was good enough for Meghan’s big day. Many couldn’t believe how far the Duchess was willing to go.

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