Excitement intensifies following Ronaldo's Juventus debut

Arguably the best soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally had his first game in the black and white Juventus jersey. Although the game was just a friendly versus the Juventus B team, it still attracted a lot of attention from fans and media around the world. Ronaldo gave the crowd what they came for when he opened the game’s scoring by putting the ball in the back of the net just eight minutes into the game.

It’s not every day that the best (or second best depending on who you ask) player in the world changes teams. But that’s exactly what happened this summer, when it was announced that he would “take his talents” to Italy, and join forces with the Juventus football club. Ronaldo has seemingly achieved everything a player could wish for during his time with Real Madrid. The superstar has won the Ballon d’Or award five times in his career, which is an incredible achievement, particularly while playing in the same era as long time adversary Lionel Messi.
Ronaldo’s accomplishments are incredible and undeniable. Over the years, he has managed to lead his teams to five Champions League titles – his first with Manchester United and four with Real Madrid. And now, he begins a new era with Juventus, as he tries to bring the title back to Italy.
Now that the public has watched him play with the team, albeit in a non-meaningful and friendly matchup, the buzz surrounding Ronaldo is only intensifying. He will no longer be featured on the La Liga weekly highlight reel. But he will still attract the attention of every soccer fan across the globe. All eyes will be on him and his new team in anticipation of what they can achieve with the addition of the best player in the world.

The move by Juventus to acquire Ronaldo was definitely soccer related. The first and foremost goal is clearly to win the Champions League. Anything less will be considered a disappointment. But the team also acknowledges that the 33-year-old star is nearing the latter years of his career. Still, Ronaldo is in such meticulous physical shape, that he could potentially play at the highest level late into his 30’s.
The other factor that contributed to the acquisition is the absurd marketing potential that Ronaldo automatically attracts. Not only will jersey and merchandise sales skyrocket due to his presence, but all sorts of advertisers will now flock and even begin a bidding war for the rights to attach their brands to Juventus and Ronaldo.
It was truly a win-win decision for Juventus, and Ronaldo gets a chance to once again prove his doubters wrong. Those doubters also include Real Madrid, who may regret their decision to let him go, under the assumption that “no player is bigger than the football club.” That sentiment would be completely justified with almost every other player on the planet. But Ronaldo is not just any other player. He has the stamina and body of a man in his mid 20’s, which could have a huge impact on the longevity of his career.
Only time will tell which one of these teams made the right call on Ronaldo and his future. But for now, it appears Juventus is going to reap the benefits of the deal for years to come.

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