The force awakens: the story of the Force Sisters

Dragster racing provides enough action and adrenaline pumping viewing to the audience that it’s hard to stay in your seats! With the races being a blink and you’ll miss it atmosphere, the cars accelerate phenomenally quickly and can reach unbelievable speeds over such a short distance! There are several different categories of dragster racing with varying sizes of engine, fuels, and ranges, but they all have the perfect combination of speed and photo finishes. With the cars getting faster and faster, and the races getting closer and closer, it is an impressive feat to be able to take home a victory in this sport.

One of the divisions of dragster racing is the Funny Car races which see vehicles with extremely lightweight bodies and engines at the front competing against each other. The races can have the cars going speeds over 300 mph, and men and women can both race against each other. Some of the most famous Funny Car racers include Ron Capps, Don Prudhomme, and Tony Pedregon, but no one on this list will beat the likes of John Force and the Force family! John Force is probably one of the biggest names in the dragster racing world and has nearly three times the number of wins as Ron Capps who comes in second on the list of the number of wins! It is no surprise that John Force has managed to start his own racing team successfully, and who better to join the racing team than his own family? Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney are John Force’s daughters and have all had incredibly successful careers over the years
With one sister retiring from the sport to focus on her family, one having been involved in a terrible crash that saw the car becoming a giant ball of fire, and one creating an ongoing feud between a competition that ended in a fraction of a second’s difference, the sisters sure do know how to keep the sport interesting! Bringing in more women to the sport is just one of the tasks the sisters have been able to accomplish, as well as setting plenty of records themselves after following in their father’s footsteps. With the three sisters becoming some of the most recognizable faces in the sport, there is plenty behind the driving wheel that tells the story of just how the girls became as famous as they are!
[post_page_title]The early years[/post_page_title]
Laurie and John Force were lucky enough to welcome three wonderful daughters into the world. Ashley was born November 29, 1982. Nearly four years later Brittany was born on July 8, 1986, and after two years their youngest Courtney was born on June 20, 1988. The sisters would grow up in a close-knit family unit, with competition being bred into them after their father John’s career. Being brought up with over three decades of competitive drag racing in the family, the sisters would have easy access to people to learn their skills from!

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