Getting fit is great, but don’t burn yourself out

Many of us want to get those perfect abs and a great body, but sometimes we can overdo it. Getting fit is very important, but it’s not the only thing you should worry about. Doing too much too often can lead to burning yourself out, and that can lead to counterproductive workouts. This is why you should focus on rest as well as keeping fit.

Preventing injury

It might sound obvious, but taking rest days, or even a week off can help prevent you suffering from injuries. You won’t be putting yourself through a workout which will definitely reduce the risk of injury, but you are also giving your body time to recover. Recovery is so important in fitness because every time you work out, you are creating tiny little tears in your muscles.
If you don’t give them time to recover, at some point it’s going to result in serious injury. That goes for any form of exercise, no matter what you love doing at the gym, on your bicycle, or even in a group; from time to time you need rest.

Getting fit is great, but don’t burn yourself out

Your personal bests

You might be on a roll, and you’re hitting personal bests every time you step foot into the gym. The good times are only going to last for so long if you don’t take some time away from the weights bench or the treadmill.
It takes your body on average around two weeks of non-activity for your performance to dip, so taking a week off isn’t going to hurt. You won’t be set back by taking a few days off, so give your body a treat every once in a while and put your feet up.

You could get sick

Overtraining doesn’t just affect your muscles, it can also impact your immune system. During periods of excessive working out our immune systems are so busy trying to make our muscles and bones recover that our general health gets forgotten about. Working out too much can lead to you getting ill and then you will be forced to take a break eventually because you’ll be sick.

Getting fit is great, but don’t burn yourself out

Say goodbye to sleep

Sleeping is a hugely important part of your recovery, but your body can be too tired to sleep properly. When we sleep, our bodies go into repair overdrive, but if there is too much to repair, it can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.
If your resting heart rate is a little higher than usual, it could be a sign that you are overdoing it and are due for a little break to help your body catch itself up. Using a fitness tracker can help you see if you are getting enough sleep, and assessing whether the quality of that sleep is good or not.

It’s draining

Working your body to its limit is draining, both physically and mentally. You need rest to be in top form both from a physical point of view and to be sharp in your thoughts. Overworking at the gym and too often can affect your mental capacity, which can affect things like your work and social life.
While everyone is different, and some can work out more than others, we do all need a good rest from time to time. Being fit is great, but it would be nothing without some time spent resting and recuperating.

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