Girl ‘subtly’ flirts with her crush, and it’s hilarious how he doesn’t get it


Dating can be hard as you don’t want to be the first person to make a move, only for you to be rejected. That kind of shutdown can be hard to recover from, but what about when someone is flirting with you? One girl was ‘subtly’ hinting to her neighbor that she liked him, but he wasn’t getting the message. That meant the girl had to be brave and tell him upfront she liked him because he didn’t get what she was hinting at.
[post_page_title]The soft approach[/post_page_title]
A girl named Kuda liked her neighbor, but she didn’t want to just come out and say it.
The soft approach

That’s when she hatched a foolproof plan to get her neighbor to drop by, except he wasn’t on the same page as her, at all.

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