The greatest tailgates in college sports

Sometimes the best thing about sports isn’t the action on the field or court, it’s the fans. One thing that sets some apart from others is the tailgating scene, where fans come together, and partake in some pre-game festivities. Some parties are better than others, and these are the greatest tailgates in college sports.


Fans at LSU know how to throw a tailgating party. Things often kick off on a Friday at 5pm, even though the game doesn’t start until the following day! Not only is there a great party lasting throughout the weekend but the food on offer is some of the best in the country, not just the best at a tailgate. The jambalaya is out of this world and is worth heading to Baton Rouge for alone.

The greatest tailgates in college sports

Penn State

Penn State’s sporting arena is isolated from any major city, so the fans do their best to create their own community in the parking lot. Fans of Penn State are a close-knit bunch because of their isolation, and that makes their tailgate parties some of the best in the country.
Hundreds of thousands of are entertained every other weekend with the sprawling parking lot metropolis that springs up. Nittanyville is the place to be outside the Beaver Stadium before each and every home game.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss might have had their struggles on the field, but one area of their college sport that is doing well is the tailgating scene. If the team fails to entertain on the field, you can always rely on some grade-A thrills in the parking lot of the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Ole Miss fans have a good time no matter what, and their tailgating section spans across 10 acres. That’s a whole lot of entertainment for fans!

The greatest tailgates in college sports


Alabama has been ahead of the game on the field in recent seasons, but they are also smashing it in the parking lot. While there is an amazing party vibe and the food is on point, there is something else that makes Alabama a leading tailgating spot.
The Crimson Tide turn out in their droves for the games in what has to be the most beautiful spot for tailgating in the USA. Alabama fans proclaim their sporting arena is the place where legends are made, but it’s their parking lot where tailgating heroes are born.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s tailgates are so celebrated that current students and alumni gather to take part in one of the most iconic college parties. Not only do South Carolina fans enjoy the sprawling parking lot tailgate but you can even tailgate from the end of a train. There are few locations better to enjoy a tailgate party from than the Cockaboose railroad, complete with flat screen TVs to enjoy the game if you can’t make it into the arena.

The greatest tailgates in college sports

If you really want to check out the best of the best when it comes to tailgates, then you’ll have to get yourself to one of these parties as soon as possible. They won’t disappoint, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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