Homes of soccer stars: Before and after fame

It’s one thing to love the sport of soccer, but another thing to be really good at it. And for world renowned megastars such as David Beckham or Lionel Messi, who are some of the best soccer players of all time – that type of transcendental talent is hard to come by even on the professional level. And then of course there is the old argument… How does a player come to be so great? Are they simply born with such a gift, or did they have to work for it? The answer is irrevocably both – one must be naturally inclined to succeed on that level, but innate abilities are nothing if a person doesn’t put in tireless hours of blood, sweat, and tears towards achieving his or her ultimate goal.
For many of the greatest soccer players of all time, they grew up in impoverished neighborhoods, and things weren’t always very easy. In addition, many of them went through trials of suffering that extend beyond the realm of finances. The sport of soccer was a world of refuge for most of them, and eventually, it became their ticket to stardom. And with stardom comes many additional perks – such as fancy cars, swimming pools, and big beautiful houses.

We aren’t quite sure if many of you know exactly what some of these players went through to get to where they are today. The lifestyles of the rich and the famous may look nice from afar, but for some of these players, we’re not sure how easy it was for them to forget some of their past traumas. A good example of this is with a player such as Raheem Sterling, the Jamaican-born English midfielder who plays for Manchester City. He suffered a tragic loss at a shockingly young age, and life after that mustn’t have been easy. But he, like many of his contemporaries, had a much greater vision in mind – and he worked through his deep pain, and never strayed from his path.
You are about to hear inspirational tales of a number of legendary soccer players – where they came from, and how it helped them become the super-athletes they are today. In addition, you are going to see with your own eyes the modest living quarters that they once lived in, and compare it to the breathtaking houses they live in now. From meek apartments to lavish mansions, from rags to riches, these soccer stars have been through the ringer, and they are unstoppable forces of nature.
[post_page_title]Gareth Bale – Childhood home[/post_page_title]
Gareth Bale is certainly a fan favorite soccer player, but growing up in Wales, he had to work very hard to get to that point. His father was actually a caretaker at a school, and his mother an operations manager. They made a respectable yet modest living, and Bale was confident that his talent on the soccer field would one day be enough to provide his family with more money than they could have ever dreamed of.

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