How Alyssa Milano 'charmed' her way into our hearts

Of the countless child stars that have made their way into our lives, there have been a select few who have stood out more than most. Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Macaulay Culkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Corey Feldman, Maria Wilson, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Justin Timberlake, all made their professional entrance as youngsters – and they have since been able to work their way up the fame ladder and maintain their place in high society.
However, there has always been a stigma with child stars in Hollywood. While they are super famous as they grow up, this fame often gets the better of them, and they suffer terrible blips that makes people question the inclusion of child stars in the film and television world. Would Amanda Bynes go on a Twitter rant and sue her parents if she hadn’t been a child star?
Would Macaulay Culkin dabble in narcotics if he hadn’t been thrust into the limelight at such a young age? We could debate this for hours, but there is one former child star that has been on a more positive transformation over the years. This is the story of Alyssa Milano’s incredible journey through Hollywood.
[post_page_title]An incredible transformation[/post_page_title]
Alyssa Milano is one of the most famous former child stars in Hollywood today. It’s fair to say that she has been able to avoid the child-star-curse that has often plagued those who were thrust into the limelight at such a young age.

She has been able to maintain her fame and her acting career, and she has even dabbled in the music world. However, the Alyssa we know and love today is very different to the Alyssa that first came onto the scene all those years ago. This is the transformation of Alyssa Milano over the years…

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