How Meri Brown escaped the Sisters Wives world

The life of a sister wife certainly isn’t your most conventional, if you catch our drift. Not everyone agrees with their way of life and the practice is still illegal across the majority of the world, including all 50 states of America. Although it seemed as though nothing could go wrong for the Browns, that was all about to change for one wife: Meri. This star of the show was once a fan favorite, but a change in lifestyle was beginning to lead to her desire to escape from the Sister Wives world.
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People have been seen falling in love in a whole host of ways over the years. So what about falling for more than one person? That’s right; many people enter polygamist relationships, meaning someone has more than one husband or wife at the same time.

Although it is illegal in America, it seems as though many still practice the relationship style. The reality show Sister Wives was about to give us an insight into one of these relationships like never before.

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