Iconic sportscaster Warner Wolf receives a mysterious text one evening, and his life gets turned upside down

Warner Wolf wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to occur on a typical Tuesday evening – but when it did, his life took a drastic turn. It had been a while since he had lived the life in the spotlight, and he had forgotten what it felt like. After he received a mysterious text message by a number he didn’t recognize, it was the first domino that led to him receiving more attention than he had gotten in quite a long time – and it was all because of a television show – This Is Us. For those of you, who don’t know the show, This Is Us is an NBC hit drama series that has gotten a lot of great feedback from fans. But how does it connect to Warner Wolf?

Well, let’s take you back to these strange text messages. Every single person that reached out to Warner, whether he knew them or not, was telling him one thing: “You have to watch this one scene in this one episode of This Is Us.” They didn’t fully explain why it was so imperative for him to do so, but nevertheless Warner was intrigued. When he finally watched the episode, he understood why they wanted him to watch it – and he was pretty taken aback as well.
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In the world of sports broadcasting, Warner Wolf is living legend. When he was in his heyday, he was pretty well known across America, primarily in the Washington D.C. region. Known primarily for his signature catchphrase, “Let’s go to the videotape!,” Wolf had all the makings of a memorable broadcaster that wouldn’t ever be forgotten. Except, things in life don’t always work out that way. As the years pass on by, it can be easy to forget about various people, places, and things, no matter how amazing they once were. Such was the case here, and Warner slipped under the radar for a number of years… until he was resurrected once more by an unexpected force.

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