How the Indiana Pacers scored eight points in 9 seconds

The drama involved in sport is something that few other things in the world can replicate. There is nothing like a last-minute comeback to send one set of fans home in jubilation, and the others to make the trip home in tears of despair. The wonderful thing about sport is that there will always be another game, but in the heat of the moment, there is real drama that Hollywood script writers could only dream of writing. Speaking of drama, how about the crazy 8 points the Indiana Pacers somehow managed to score in 1995?

How the Indiana Pacers scored eight points in 9 seconds

What was at stake?

The Pacers were playing the New York Knicks, a tough ask for many teams, and it was even more difficult as they were playing in the intimidating Madison Square Garden in New York. These two teams were playing in the Eastern Conference semifinal so the winner would progress to have the opportunity to play for the Eastern title. Many Knicks fans were celebrating an incredibly hard-fought victory, and with only 18 seconds to go who could blame them! They were up by 105 – 99 and looked to have clinched this battle.

The turnaround

The fans were cheering, they had already started calling home to tell loved ones about the victory when Reggie Miller took his team’s fate into his own hands. Somehow the Knicks ended up losing the game from a seemingly impossible position, there simply wasn’t enough time for the Pacers to come back was there?

How the Indiana Pacers scored eight points in 9 seconds

Always believe

There was indeed enough time for this incredible turnaround, and the game has gone down in NBA history. How could such a dramatic climax not? Miller was regarded as one of the best three-point shooters to have graced the game, and his prowess was on display for this dramatic recovery. He managed to pull one back with just 18 seconds left on the clock and then miraculously stole the ball from the restart and sunk another three-pointer almost immediately. This tied the game up at 105 – 105.
Then, with just 9 seconds on the clock, the Knicks conceded a defensive foul giving the
Pacers two free throws. Miller managed to sink the free throws for a point each which gave the Pacers a two-point lead and the score was 107 – 105 to the Pacers. The Knicks were too downtrodden to find a way to recover in the final few seconds.

Legendary status

Miller played his entire career for the Pacers and rightly became a legend for them. He earned himself the nickname ‘Knick Killer’ thanks to his dramatic scores that turned the tables on the Knicks. His impressive scoring feats have guaranteed he will feature on many highlight reels for the rest of time. This level of drama is the stuff that keeps fans coming back for more and why you should never truly count any team out until the game is done and dusted.

How the Indiana Pacers scored eight points in 9 seconds

Although the Pacers had this incredible turnaround victory, they didn’t do enough to win the Eastern Conference. The momentum didn’t carry them on to victory in the final, but the amazing turnaround is enough to ensure no one forgets them, and Reggie Miller, in a hurry.

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