Take a look inside Jessica Simpson's $11.5 million mansion

Jessica Simpson is known well for both her talents as a singer as well as an actress, and all of that success has left plenty of money in the bank for her. With great money usually comes great mansions and that held true for Simpson.  Jessica moved into her Hollywood mansion in 2013 and if you were wondering what the inside of this glorious home looks like, today is your lucky day.
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A teenage sensation, Jessica Simpson had to learn how to deal with the pressures of being famous from a young age. She began to take the world by storm as her career began to soar.

As the years went by Simpson was in the spotlight more often, thanks to both her record sales, a reality TV show, and a budding movie career. Success in Hollywood brings lots of money, and that’s certainly the case with Simpson – she parted ways with $11.5 million to buy her current mansion.

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