The lavish homes of your favorite wrestling stars

The lavish homes of your favorite wrestling stars

Say what you will about modern-day wrestling, the characters we all know and love all have an undeniable swagger to them, and they are more than happy to put it on display for viewers to see. It’s this type of attitude that enabled them to get where they are today – to perform in front of millions of viewers all over the world, then to broaden their career horizons into other areas on television, and finally – to buy the luxurious houses they’ve worked their whole lives to live in.
[post_page_title]Randy Orton[/post_page_title]
One of the most exciting wrestlers to ever grace our screens, Randy Orton is rooted in a family of great wrestlers. His father “Cowboy” Bob Orton, uncle Randal “Barry O.” Orton, and grandfather Bob Orton Sr. were all professional wrestlers in their day.
Randy Orton

They offered Randy the mentoring he needed to be the best performer he could be in the wrestling scene. By the time the world was screaming his name, the big bucks started rolling in – allowing him to buy this $1.25 million Missouri mansion.

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