This little girl's reaction to a surprise from Steve Harvey is so touching

Steve Harvey has had a long career, working incredibly hard to get where he is now. He is one of America’s favorite entertainers, who hosts many TV shows where we can all enjoy his heartwarming personality and laid back sense of humor. Harvey began his career back in 1985, where he featured on the stand-up comedy circuit. Despite gaining some success, times were pretty tough for him back then. He would often end up sleeping in his car at gigs if there was no hotel booked for him, and would have to shower at gas stations or swimming pool facilities. He has overcome adversity and is the host of shows such as Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Showtime at the Apollo, Steve, and Little Big Shots.

It was on the set his talk show, Steve, that Harvey welcomed a young girl who is a big soccer fan. She came onto the stage dribbling a soccer ball at her feet and soon captivated the audience with her skills. Steve wanted to give the girl a nice gift, so he arranged for a big surprise. What happened next was priceless, and both Steve’s and the little girl’s reactions to it were adorable.
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It seemed as though it would be just like any other segment on Steve; its host, Steve Harvey, would welcome a guest onto the show, and they would talk for a while. Harvey will often treat his guests to special surprises, and he had another lined up for his next guest, but he couldn’t have imagined how they would react. It was surprising because not only did his guest have an adorable reaction – but so did Steve! As he stood on the set of his TV show, he couldn’t possibly have known how things were going to turn out for his guest and himself.

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