Taking a look inside The Rock’s luxurious $5 million mansion

Taking a look inside The Rock’s luxurious $5 million mansion

It has been quite the journey for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He went from superstar wrestler to action star, to the biggest Hollywood draw at the box office. With so much money burning a hole in his pocket, The Rock went out and splashed the cash on a swanky Florida mansion. Check out his new mansion that is big enough to fit his enormous frame inside comfortably, a feat he might have struggled to do in something like a tiny apartment in New York City.
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The Rock is the second-highest paid actor in the world this year thanks to his box office hits. So far in 2018, The Rock has earned $124 million through his acting appearances, helping to boost his net worth to a total of $220 million.
Dwayne Johnson

With that money, The Rock has invested some into buying a large house to fit a man of his gigantic stature. He comes across as one of the good guys out there, and few can begrudge him the success he has worked so hard to gain.

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