Looking back: This week in sports history November 5-11

November 5, 1967: The New Orleans Saints played their first season in the NFL in 1967, but they didn’t have a great start to their franchise. The Saints lost seven games in a row, and didn’t record their first win until November 5th, a 31-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. They won only three games that season, the other two W’s came during Week 11 and Week 14.
November 5, 1971: On November 5, 1971, the LA Lakers won the first game in a 33-game winning streak. The Lakers beat the Baltimore Bullets 110-106, and didn’t lose again until January 9th. Their 33 game winning streak is still the longest in the league’s history.
November 5, 1988: One of two new NBA teams, the Miami Heat played their first game in the league and their first game at Miami Arena. Unfortunately for Miami fans, the Heat lost to the LA Clippers 111-91 and would continue losing for over a month. It wasn’t until December 14th that the Heat won their first game, after a 17-game losing streak.
November 6, 1934: Back in 1934, the 2-5 Philadelphia Eagles met the Cincinnati Reds during Week 9 of the season. The Eagles, who hadn’t scored a single point in the previous three games, went on a tear and beat the Reds 64-0. They scored 26 points in the first quarter, six in the second, 12 in the third and another 20 in the final quarter.
November 6, 1974: The Cy Young award usually goes to starting pitchers. On November 6, 1974, LA Dodgers relief pitcher Mike Marshall became the first relief pitcher to ever win the award. He made 106 appearances, finishing 83 games and recording 21 saves.
mike marshall dodgers
November 7, 1943: Once upon a time, NFL games could end with a score of 0-0. The last such game, on November 7, 1934, featured the Detroit Lions and New York Giants in the Motor City. The two teams managed just 240 yards between them for the whole game.
November 7, 1962: NHL goalie Glenn Hall set one of the toughest records to break in the entire league. The goaltender played 502 consecutive games in goal, a streak which came to an end on November 7, 1962 when Hall benched himself because of back pain. His streak spanned over seven seasons, in which he played for the Detroit Red Wings (two seasons) and the Chicago Blackhawks.
November 7, 1963: On November 7, 1963, the New York Yankees Elston Howard, who was dubbed by some to be the Bronx Bombers’ Jackie Robinson, became the first African American to win the American League MVP award. Howard won 248 of the 280 votes possible. Al Kaline was the runner-up.
November 7, 1991: On November 7, 1991, LA Lakers star Magic Johnson dropped a bombshell on the sports world. The five-time NBA champion and three-time MVP revealed that he is HIV positive, and announced he is retiring from the league.
magic johnson hiv announcement
November 8, 1991: Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Paul Coffey set an NHL record for goals by a defenseman on November 8, 1991, when he scored his 311th goal in a game against the Winnipeg Jets. Coffey wrapped up his career with 396 goals, but was beat out by Ray Bourque, who finished his career as the all time leader in goals scored by a defenseman.
November 10, 1963: On November 10, 1963 Detroit Red Wings right winger Gordie Howe passed Maurice “Rocket” Richard to become the all time leading goal scorer in the NHL, with his 545th career goal. His record setting goal came during a 3-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens, ironically enough the team Richards played with for 18 seasons.  
gordie howe

Notable birthdays

November 5, 1952 Former NBA center Bill Walton was born in La Mesa, CA
November 5, 1973 Former MLB outfielder Johnny Damon was born in Fort Riley, KS
November 5, 1974 Former NBA forward Jerry Stackhouse, who played for 18 seasons, was born in Kinston, NC
November 5, 1978 Golfer Bubba Watson Jr., born Gary Lester Watson Jr., was born in was born in Bagdad, FL
November 5, 1992 New York Giants phenom wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was born in Baton Rouge, LA
November 6, 1861 The Father of Basketball, James Naismith, was born in Almonte, Canada
November 6, 1979 Former NBA players for the LA Lakers Lamar Odom was born in New York City, NY
November 6, 1987 Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanović was born in Belgrade, Serbia
November 10, 1930 Former MLB pitcher Gene Conley, who also played a few seasons in the NBA, was born in Muskogee, OK
November 10, 1984 Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins was born in Nederland, TX

We bid farewell to…

November 7, 2011 Legendary boxer Joe Frazier died of liver cancer just a few months after he was diagnosed, he was 67 years old

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