Mark Wahlberg and A-Rod's ridiculous World Series bet

The gamblers inside of us love predicting the future of sporting events, and if we win a few bucks in the process that’s always a plus. The famous actor Mark Wahlberg and retired baseball legend Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez had a little wager on the outcome of the 2018 World Series. For Wahlberg and Rodriguez there was more than money at stake in their bet, pride was on the line.

Red Sox vs. LA Dodgers

Wahlberg is a New Englander which means he was rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series. Rodriguez spent much of his career with the Red Sox’s big rivals the New York Yankees, and was rooting for their opponents the LA Dodgers. The Red Sox were in great form and had won the World Series nine times in their history, compared to the Dodgers six.
Odds were in favor of Boston, but this was the World Series, and you never know what’s going to happen. For Wahlberg and Rodriguez there was a lot at stake.

Mark Wahlberg and A-Rod’s ridiculous World Series bet

The conditions

The conditions were plain and simple for both men. If Wahlberg lost, he agreed to perform Good Vibrations at the New York Yankees stadium in nothing but his underwear. A tough ask for a passionate Bostonian, especially at the home of the Yankees.
Rodriguez agreed that if he lost, he would go and work a shift at Wahlburgers, a family run burger chain set up by Mark and his brothers. It would be a tough day for Rodriguez as he would have to flip burgers at a Boston branch.

World Series results

In the end, it became a comfortable victory for the Red Sox, who swept aside the Dodgers and won the series 4-1. It was a crushing defeat, not only for the Dodgers but for Rodriguez. The former shortstop must have been rapidly losing hope as the series went on. Having played for the Red Sox’s great rivals the Yankees, Rodriguez was not expecting to have a warm welcome in Boston.

Mark Wahlberg and A-Rod’s ridiculous World Series bet

Forfeit time

The results were in, and it was a comprehensive victory for both the Red Sox and Wahlberg. Now it was time for Rodriguez to hold up his end of the bargain. After all, Wahlberg was willing to sing in his underwear in front of a hostile Yankees crowd so it was the least Rodriguez could do to get flipping some burgers.
Mark’s brother Paul was running the Boston restaurant that day and was in charge of giving Rodriguez plenty of tasks to do. Paul Wahlberg started the former Yankee off by giving him bathroom cleaning duty by giving the floors a good scrubbing. He was the made to flip burgers on the grill and make drinks.

Mark Wahlberg and A-Rod’s ridiculous World Series bet

Despite fears of hostility, Rodriguez was well received by the Bostonians, with Wahlberg admitting his cheerful attitude charmed many of the locals. A-Rod might not have been used to losing much as a player, but he took losing his bet with Wahlberg well and proved he was a good sport.

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