Meghan Markle and the Queen apparently in custody battle over Baby Sussex

[post_page_title]Harry and Meghan don’t really have custody[/post_page_title]
The Royals have totally different rules to everyone else, including who has automatic custody of the royal children. This is a result of a three-hundred-year-old law, dating back to King George I who ruled back in the 1700s. This rule was created at the request of this particular King in order to ensure that he maintained a relationship with his grandchildren, especially as he had such a bad relationship with his son.

Harry and Meghan don’t really have custody

Whether you agree with this kind of authority for a grandparent or not, this means that, three hundred years later, the Queen has custody over all of her grandchildren. This also includes Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, which seems really strange. However, it wasn’t causing concern for Kate Middleton as she gave birth, as she was not deemed rebellious at any stage.

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