Should NFL teams draft according to need or best available?

When drafting, NFL teams have two options, they can select the best player available or they can draft to fix the holes in their squad. We’re looking at what’s the best option for NFL teams when it comes to organizing their picks.

Picking the next prodigy

There is a lot to be said for picking the best player available in the draft. If you have an early pick, then you should get the most-wanted player in the draft, even if you already have that position covered in your own squad. You might be getting the next a future Pro Bowl star, and if you don’t have a need for them in your team, you can get good value in a trade. Getting a player right out of college is no guarantee they are going to be a success, and not every first pick has gone on to have a Hall of Fame career.

Should NFL teams draft according to need or best available?

If you’ve already got one of the best quarterbacks in the league but the rest of your team is subpar, drafting another quarterback is not such a bad move. Many teams will be desperate to take them off your hands, and you can use this to fill several spots in your weakest areas. Of course, injuries are a huge part in football and having the best possible backup through your draft pick will come in handy should injuries ravage your squad.

Knowing what you need

The scouting department works around the clock to find the next big thing to push their teams to the next level. For instance, they have uncovered a solid player for the defense, but he is by no means going to be the pick of the bunch. The thing is, he will be the perfect player to make the collective team better, even if no one else in the league particularly wants him.

Should NFL teams draft according to need or best available?

Football is a team game and having players that fit how you play is essential to make a success of things on the field. Sometimes it’s more important to make the team better than to obsess about getting a future Hall of Fame talent. Things don’t always work out that way, and it’s better to be competitive than pin your hopes on one player.


There are some teams which always pick smartly in the draft and are often mainstays in the postseason. Teams like the Patriots or the Steelers are often picking late in the round, which means they have to choose the best remaining players available to them to add depth. Teams need to look at their own rosters and assess how long they think their top stars can continue or not. If they believe their talents will leave them soon, then they should look to fill a spot in those positions.

Should NFL teams draft according to need or best available?

It’s important that teams stick to a philosophy, as chopping and changing can result in a seemingly clueless approach to the draft. The most important aspect of the draft is to stick to your plan and make sure you bring in good young talent each year.

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