Nicole Richie's journey from 'The Simple Life' to mother of two

Nicole Richie’s journey from ‘The Simple Life’ to mother of two

Nicole Richie has the pleasure of having a hugely famous family on her Christmas card list, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t famous herself. In fact, Nicole has a career that spans nearly three decades – and she even became a mother along the way.
[post_page_title]An incredible transformation[/post_page_title]
Those who had the pleasure of growing up in the early ‘00s will know that Nicole Richie was in her party prime during this time. She was a household name, she was invited to every celebrity party in Hollywood, and she couldn’t enter a room without something screaming “sanassa!” in her face.
An incredible transformation

However, it’s fair to say that Nicole’s life has changed since her The Simple Life days. Nicole has since been on a whirlwind adventure that we’ve been able to watch unfold before our very eyes. This is the transformation of Nicole Richie.

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