Perfectly timed sports photos

It’s almost impossible to think of the biggest moments in sports and not think how amazing it is that they were captured on camera. You don’t have to be a big sports fan to realize the importance of sports to our culture and to our society in general. If there is one thing that is probably the most important thing about playing sports, it’s playing as a team. There are so many ‘big words’ that can be related to the idea of playing sports, some of them include ‘performance’, ‘competition’ and ‘winning’, but when it comes to the really special moments, it’s those little moments that no one really pays attention to, however somehow they were caught on camera. We’re talking about perfectly timed photos of course. They are not intentional, which is pretty rare in our filtered new social media lives that we live in, you have to admit, and they are simply about timing.
At first glance, these pictures might seem innocent, and you might not even notice anything different about them, just another sports moment caught on camera. However, if you take a second or even a third look at them, you’ll come to realize that they are nothing but brilliant. Some might look staged or photoshopped, but the truth of the matter is is that someone was at the right place at the right time to make history, well perfectly timed history. We can’t help but wonder with some of these pictures if the people in them would have acted entirely differently if they had known they were being photographed at that exact second. If you’re a big sports fan, you might recognize some of these athletes when you first look at some of these pictures which make them even more entertaining. We’ve rounded up the funniest, absolutely most priceless perfectly timed photos in sports.
While today we all know him as the closest friend to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and as a controversial character in general, back in the day Dennis Rodman was one of the greatest athletes in the world. Rodman played in various basketball teams during his NBA career but was famously known for being one of the foundations of the Chicago Bulls. He was known for rebound and defense abilities, as could be seen in this amazing photo. He was truly one of the greatest back then.

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