Photos of women who know how to rock fancy and unique hats

[post_page_title]The Golden Snitch[/post_page_title]
In October 2018, Sarah Ferguson watched her daughter walk down the aisle. Although all eyes were on Princess Eugenie as she walked down the aisle, some eagle-eyed Harry Potter fans couldn’t help but notice that Sarah’s hat looked a little familiar.

The Golden Snitch

No, it doesn’t look like a Quaffle. No, it doesn’t look like a Bludger. It looks like a Golden Snitch! We wonder if she shouted “150 points to Eugenie and Jack!” when the happy couple officially became husband and wife? We really hope that happened.
[post_page_title]Ready for dessert[/post_page_title]
Although many couples no longer get married in churches, there are still countless couples across the globe who still choose to get hitched in a church.
Ready for dessert

While this might be a family tradition, it’s fair to say that modern brides are becoming less and less traditional – and you just need to look at this woman to know that. She obviously wanted to wear a hat to her wedding but didn’t want to look like one of the guests. She has certainly done the job with this dessert-style hat, but she’s also given us a craving for cake.

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