Ranking Michael Jordan’s best Bulls teammates

Michael Jordan is widely viewed as the greatest basketball player of all-time. MJ changed the game forever, with his trademark moves and incredible hangtime. While he was known for his prolific scoring and countless records, he also was one of the best defenders of his time.
Clutch shots, incredible plays, and a low-hanging tongue, all added up to the legend that is Michael Jordan. And let’s not forget the 1988 slam-dunk contest, in which Jordan took off from the free-throw line, seemingly flying across the hardwood on his way to the rim. Alas, a new icon was born – the Air Jordan logo.
What set Jordan apart from the rest of the league, was his passion and winning attitude. He truly loved the game. If you tuned in to watch him play, you knew you were witnessing something special.

Ultimately, basketball is a team sport. And for all of his accolades and great performances, he likely would not have won six championships without the help of his teammates. Over the years, Jordan had many teammates, some became stars alongside Jordan. Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, they all became household names playing with MJ. Of course, Rodman made headlines of his own for reasons other than basketball, but he had plenty of highlights on the court as well. Some of MJ’s supporting cast contributed to his success more than others, some only played alongside him for a short time period.
In the end, this is our ranking of the best teammates MJ had while playing on the Bulls (not counting his time in Washington and definitely not taking into consideration his baseball teammates).
[post_page_title]Quintin Dailey[/post_page_title]
Prior to MJ’s arrival in Chicago, Quintin Dailey was one of the rising stars for the team. However, his career seemed to always be surrounded by off-court turmoil. He had explosiveness and versatility that were quite rare during the 1980’s. He was drafted seventh overall by the Bulls in the 1982 NBA Draft and remained with the team until 1986. Once the Bulls realized what they had in MJ though, they released him and moved forward with “His Airness.” Needless to say, they never looked back

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