Ranking the top 20 teams of the 2018 World Cup

For all of you hardcore soccer fans (or football, depending on where you come from), we bet you’re extremely excited for the upcoming World Cup. The idea of the best countries from all around the world competing heavily in an all out brawl on the field is something that is too exciting to miss, and we know you probably can’t wait to start watching the games. There are some truly amazing teams this year, such as Germany, the reigning champions, and of course Brazil, an impressive favorite. But which team is most heavily favored to win, and why?

The truth is, no matter who appears highest or lowest on this list, they are all extremely talented teams, and we believe that they all stand a chance. That said, we can still go ahead and separate the wheat from the chaff. Because while you never know what may happen in a tournament like this one, you can always speculate. Speculation is one of the funnest things to do in sports… and ranking teams is a big part of that process. So come check out how we rate the top soccer playing countries in the world.
[post_page_title]20. Morocco[/post_page_title]
The fact that we have Morocco ranked 20th amongst our list of World Cup competitors is interesting, when you consider the fact that it’s been a total of 20 years since they last made a World Cup appearance. This will be their fifth time playing in the tournament, and although they are a clear underdog, we’d advise you to watch out for them. There is a reason they’re on this list, and although they’re set to play against big dogs such as Spain and Portugal in the early rounds, you never know what might happen. The World Cup is a very exciting time, and many upsets have taken place in the past, so keep an eye on these guys!

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