The real wives of racecar drivers

NASCAR may seem like it is just a bunch of cars going around the track without the ability to turn right. However, the sport is much more than that, and has the everyman history that only America could have provided.
Stock car racing in general and NASCAR in particular was born out of the backwoods of Appalachia during the prohibition era of the 1920s. The drivers were part of smuggling operations, taking illegal beverages from the stills in the backwoods and mountains of Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, etc, and running it to towns and cities across the country and across their states.

In order to really move fast and outwit the police, the drivers souped up their engines and modified their cars to drive fast and handle with pin point accuracy in order to handle the mountainous hairpin turns.
By the time that Prohibition was finally repealed in 1933, the entirety of the south had gotten a taste for the illegally brewed mountain beverages. But this time, instead of evading cops because they were breaking the law against prohibition, they were evading IRS agents who were trying to tax the stills and the beverages there in. This resulted in newer, faster, more souped up cars which were used to bring goods from the mountains and into town.
And of course, as people love to do, everyone wanted to see which cars were the fastest. These “stock cars” would race around tracks, proving once and for all who was the fastest in the county, state, and even country.
These drivers eventually teamed up with super fast drag racers from Daytona Beach, Florida, and the modern sport of NASCAR was finally born. The sport is now one of the most popular sports in the United States, and the technical and strategic skill involved requires entire teams of dozens of people to operate. It is a fast paced, super hi-tech sport, something which many people do not realize. In fact, many automotive innovations were developed by the high quality engineers who work on these stock cars. Many of the industry’s best engineers work specifically to make NASCARs faster.
And of course, what would NASCAR be without the girls? All the fast guys had equally fast and gorgeous girls on their arms, and today is no exception. We wanted to see which one of these drivers won the race to the girl despite perhaps not winning the race to the winner’s circle.
[post_page_title]Ashton Clapp[/post_page_title]
Ashton Clapp, the wife of driver Trevor Bayne, is absolutely one of the most attractive wives in the world of NASCAR. Luckily, you can see her in the pit or in the stands of nearly every single race which her husband is driving in. Clapp adores her husband and her husband is madly in love with her, especially when she stuck by his side following a harrowing multiple sclerosis diagnosis back when the driver was only 22.

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