Celebrities over the age of 85 who are still rocking it

[post_page_title]Loretta Lynn (87 years old)[/post_page_title]
The world of country music has been blessed by the likes of Loretta Lynn for the last 60 years, and it doesn’t look as though that will be changing anytime soon. Over the years, she has produced hits such as First City, You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man), and One’s on the Way.

Loretta Lynn (87 years old)

As well as selling over 48 million albums, Loretta has also taken home a handful of music awards for her dedication. Although the singer suffered a health scare in 2017, Loretta is still determined to show off her vocals.
[post_page_title]Cloris Leachman (93 years old)[/post_page_title]
Sure, many of us have seen Cloris Leachman over the years, but did you know this star started out her career in beauty pageants? That’s right; Cloris took home the price of 1946’s Miss Chicago until landing 16th place in Miss America.
Cloris Leachman (93 years old)

It wasn’t long before her quirky looks landed Cloris a role on the big screen in the likes of the comedy-horror Young Frankenstein, as well as many TV roles in shows such as the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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