The scrawny kid who turned into Thor

Calling all gym rats! This story is for you… But the truth is, this story hits home on so many levels that it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out in your entire life – you’ll be able to relate to it regardless. This is a story of sheer willpower – a tale of courage in the face of the unexpected and the unknown. A story of strength within weakness, and the determination to prevail against all odds.
The subject of our inspirational story is Ben Mudge, fitness instructor and 27-year-old Instagram sensation from Belfast who managed to garner a social media following of over 55,000 people – but he is also so much more. Ben’s success was acquired in the face of a rare disease that he was born with – one that makes it hard to for human growth to take place – and that is only the beginning of it.

Another element of what makes Ben so intriguing is that he has a captivating resemblance to a certain well known Marvel superhero. Not only does Ben possess genetic features that are strongly similar to this character, but he also likes to go all out in true doppelganger fashion, dressing up like the superhero and having fun in the process. These facts about Ben may seem trivial, but when you consider the breadth of his followers, mixed in with the fact that he is also well respected for his prowess in the health and fitness department – it all seems to go hand in hand. After all, life can truly be hard sometimes, especially for those that have serious medical conditions – and sometimes, the best way to deal with the heavier things in life is to incorporate a little bit of silliness.
This is what makes this story so intriguing. Ben’s ability to balance these two aspects of life – the intensity and the silliness – is we believe what has enabled him to be such an icon for a large amount of the population. Because at the end of the day, the best teachers are the ones that we can relate to on some level – it’s not enough to know everything there is to know about a certain subject if you can’t give it over successfully to someone else. This is something Ben understood, and this is why he was named by Men’s Fitness Magazine to be the 2016 Trainer of the Year.
[post_page_title]Meet Ben[/post_page_title]
This is the story of a 27-year-old young man named Ben Mudge. This is man who defied astronomical odd to overcome a condition he has had his entire life, called cystic fibrosis. There were many reasons that this process was far from easy, but Ben managed to find a rhythmic routine which enabled him to get pretty ripped, while simultaneously creating a striking resemblance between him and Thor, the Marvel comic superhero. But that’s not all he managed to do.

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