Skateboarding and other sports making their debut in the 2020 Olympics

The Olympic Games are fast approaching and preparations are in high gear. Everyone’s attention will soon turn to Tokyo, where the greatest athletes in the world will come together to compete in their personal quest for glory. As always, there are certain competitions that seem to garner the most public attention. Swimming, track and field, and gymnastics generally make the most headlines.
But the 2020 Olympics will see the addition of several new sports. These athletes will finally get a chance to showcase their skills, as well as the opportunity to claim an Olympic medal.


Strangely, surfing has not been included in Olympic competitions until this point. Wind surfing and other water sports have long been a staple of the games, further adding to the perplexing decision to exclude this amazing sport. The surfing world has really gained steam in recent years, and as the fan base continues to expand, there was added pressure to have these athletes compete for a gold medal.

Skateboarding and other sports making their debut in the 2020 Olympics

When the contest takes place in Tokyo, each surfer will get his opportunity to showcase his skills. The points will be accrued based on the difficulty of their performance, combined with the size of the waves they surf. This will definitely be one of the more exciting competitions to watch next summer.


This extreme sport has its own distinct following. It has seen in increase in popularity in recent years, and they competitions continue to increase in difficulty. Finally, these remarkable athletes will be able to compete on the largest stage in the world. The competition will be divided into two styles of skating – street and park. Each type of skating demands a differing skill set. But one thing is certain. It will be a pleasure to watch these guys go after the gold in Tokyo.

Skateboarding and other sports making their debut in the 2020 Olympics


Talk about perfect timing. Karate was initially created in Okinawa, Japan, way back in 1933. To see this sport included in the upcoming Olympics is simply incredible, as the games make their way to Tokyo. Spectators will be able to follow two forms of the competition, including personal form, as well as two-person competitions, in which each will be judged based on the number of strikes they are able to land on their respective opponent, combined with the level of proper form used. They can also land kicks or punches that will count toward their score.

Skateboarding and other sports making their debut in the 2020 Olympics


Another intriguing competition that will be introduced in the upcoming Olympics will be climbing. Three variations of the sport will be introduced, namely speed climbing, bouldering and lead climbing. Each will have its own set of rules and guidelines, with its own scoring system. This sport is highly demanding physically, and its place in the Olympic games is more than justified.
It’s great to see the Olympic committee taking steps to add new sports that are growing in popularity. Every sport mentioned here is certainly deserving of having its participants take center stage in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Adding new sports into the mix is a welcomed sight. Both the athletes of these sports and their fans deserve to see these athletes compete at the highest level. And we will all tune in to see them perform when the Tokyo Olympics commence next summer.

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