The most cheerful sports fans in the world


If it wasn’t for the fans at a sports game, there wouldn’t be any atmosphere. The players wouldn’t be so up for the game, and there would be no reason to celebrate if it wasn’t making anybody happy. Sports is one of those things that can unite people from all walks of life, no matter where they come from. Sports like soccer are played all over the world, and when international tournaments are being played, it gathers fans from all four corners of the globe together. Or you could end up at a basketball game next to a complete stranger, bonded by nothing more than your shared love for a team.

Sports fans are so passionate that they will fly thousands of miles just to watch their team compete for the right to be named champions. Those thousands of fans come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing that they all have in common, a love for their team. We are taking a look at some of the most beautiful sports fans that love nothing more than cheering their team on through the ups and the downs.

Brazil – Soccer

If England were the nation to bring the beautiful game to the world, Brazil was the country to truly make it beautiful. They are the most successful soccer nation at the World Cup, winning it a total of five times, more than any other country.

The Brazilian national team plays with flair and style that is often matched by their enthusiastic fans in the crowd. If the Brazilians are struggling to perform they can always look to their compatriots in the crowd to gain some inspiration.

University of Texas – football

Down in Texas if you’re going to be a fan of any sport then it had better be football. The sport is huge within the state, and the university scene is no exception.

Located in Austin, the University of Texas’ football team, the Longhorns are huge throughout the state. These college girls are showing some team spirit for school’s game, and rocking their cutoff jerseys. They are so excited that they are even doing the traditional Longhorns hand sign, “Hook ‘em horns!”

Honduras – soccer

The team from Honduras may not be known as one of the top tier soccer teams in the world, but it still has a strong and loyal fan base.

So far, the team has only qualified for the FIFA World Cup three times, but even then they never seem to make it far. This particular fan is happy to represent her country anyway, and is do so by dressing in a tube top in the style of the Honduras flag. On top of that, she is proclaiming her team loyalty by holding up her country’s flag.

Poland – soccer

The national soccer team from Poland, and their fans, have quite the reputation. Currently, the team is ranked eighth in the world, which is a pretty impressive feat.

The fans are extremely loyal, but have a reputation for getting a bit rowdy. Just this past May, some fans got out of control and accidentally caused a fire in the stadium. This fan seems to be much more in control of her love for the team, sporting a Poland team belly shirt, and proudly displaying her team scarf.

Portugal – soccer

Portugal’s national soccer team is home to one of the world’s most famous soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal fans take their team very seriously, no matter where they might stand.

Watching your team take on the World Cup is serious business, but this beautiful fan is there to cheer them on. She’s got on her Portugal shirt, stylishly rolled up, and is sporting a Portugal team scarf that’s proudly on display. All the essentials for supporting your team at the big game are front and center, as she cheers her home team on.

Brazil – soccer

Not enough can be said about how amazing Brazilian soccer fans are. These people are willing to go all out to support their team, and when it comes to an international tournament you’ll see them showing up in droves.

This young lady showed up to the World Cup fully decked out, and ready to cheer on Brazil. Her outfit almost looks like a uniform with her matching Brazil team shorts and shirt. To top it all off, she is proudly carrying the Brazilian flag, hoping to wave it in victory.

Russia – soccer

Russian soccer fans are pretty much everywhere at this year’s World Cup, taking advantage of their country hosting. One girl in particular named Natalya Nemchinova, is considered one of the country’s most popular fans.

She showed up to watch her countrymen take on Spain, and the game did not disappoint! With her team belly shirt, Russian flag, face paint, and elaborate crown, some suggested she may have been just the good luck charm the team needed. In fact, Russia beat Spain in the end through a surprising penalty.

Mexico – soccer

Where you find one soccer fan from Mexico, chances are you’ll find many more. These fans love their team, and love the game, even after their team loses.

Their recent support of South Korea in the current World Cup has caught worldwide attention, and brought a lot of amusement. But this girl is still repping the home team in every way possible. She has a Mexico bra, a flag tied to her neck, and a scarf proudly held above her head. Team loyalty is all that matters for this fan.

England – Soccer

Soccer as we know it was invented in England way back in the 19th century, although they call it “football.” The English brought the beautiful game to the world and anytime there is a World Cup or major international tournament, their fans attend in their thousands.

These fans have gone all out to cheer on their home nation and have decorated their faces with the St. George’s flag that is saved just for England, not the whole of the UK. Although the typical England supporter has a reputation for being a middle-aged man who has had one too many drinks, these fans are showing that not all stereotypes should be believed.

USA – Soccer

Although soccer is not the national sport of the USA, that doesn’t stop them from having some of the most passionate supporters in the world.

Any time Team USA steps onto the soccer pitch, they can rely on their supporters turning up and inspiring them to perform well. Many of the fans of Team USA will wear body paint and deck themselves out in the colors of the flag to show their support to the team, hoping that they can be the extra player from the stands.

Dallas Cowboys – Football

In a recent poll fans of the Dallas Cowboys were declared the best football fans in the country. They are incredibly loyal and have fans spanning across the whole of America, not just Texas.

Their home games are some of the highest attended games in the entire division, and it’s not just burly men that they attract through the turnstiles. They can rely on a pretty mixed bag of fans, ranging from your average Joe to supporters like this.

St. Louis Cardinals – Baseball

From one of the widest-reaching support groups to one of the most localized. Fans of St. Louis Cardinals are recognized as the most local supporters, an estimated 76% of their fans are from the state of Missouri.

Clearly they have passionate fans, and they are very proud of their own, often refusing to even boo them. There is a very positive atmosphere inside the arena, meaning that the stands are not just packed out with angry guys who have been drinking too much, and fans like this are a common sight.

Colombia – Soccer

South American rivalries between soccer teams are often heated and can turn nasty on the field. Luckily the fans in the stands don’t kick each other and instead focus on supporting their teams through thick and thin.

Colombian fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and the stadiums will often be packed out with supporters from all walks of life. They all turn up to show their country as much support as possible, and having a few beautiful fans in the crowd is pretty common for Colombian matches.

Denver Broncos – Football

The Denver Broncos have relied on their supporters to help them to win three Super Bowl championships during their 58-year history.

They have been so successful they can call upon a number of celebrity fans including Amy Adams, Lucy Hale, and Kate Hudson. They don’t just rely on some of the most beautiful women of Hollywood to cheer them on though and there are many female supporters who can be found screaming in support of the Broncos from the stands.

Mexico – Soccer

Mexico have long been considered one of, if not the best soccer team in North America. Sure, Team USA will give them a run for their money, but Mexico are the team that regularly qualifies for the World Cup from the region.

Soccer is a huge sport in Mexico, and many of their fans turn up in their thousands to cheer on El Tricolor. This fan has combined beauty with a traditional Mexican accessory, the sombrero.

Germany – Soccer

Germany is one of the superpowers of international soccer. Their fans can head to a tournament knowing that it is likely they will progress to the latter stages, potentially even winning.

Germany are the second most successful international team on the planet, winning four World Cups – the most recent coming in 2014. Although the German stereotype is that of hardworking and efficient people, that doesn’t stop some of their citizens and supporters from being beautiful too.

France – Soccer

France is considered to be the nation of love and when they hosted the 2016 European Championships many soccer fans fell in love with some of the supporters in the crowds.

The French soccer team can blow hot and cold, sometimes they are brilliant and other times they are not so good. Their support is similar to the players, and when they are up for a game, they can make the French team perform at a much higher level, their support even helped them reach the final in 2016.

Buffalo Bills – Football

Although the New York Jets and Giants claim to be from New York, they play their games in New Jersey. The only football team that actually plays matches in the state of New York are the Buffalo Bills.

Fans of the Bills are known to get pretty crazy during their games, even slamming each other through tables in the parking lot like in professional wrestling. While the team can attract some pretty crazy fans, there are also fans like these who go for the love of football.

Belgium – Soccer

The Belgian soccer team has some of the best players in the world among their ranks. They can rely upon these star players to help get them the goals to keep their fans cheering them on from the stands.

The players play their matches for their fans, and the fans will be hoping they can cheer their team on to victory in the 2018 World Cup. This fan has painted her face and is wearing a horned hat in support of her national team, nicknamed The Red Devils.

Green Bay Packers – Football

The Green Bay Packers have a group of supporters known as the Bikini Girls, and the reason is pretty obvious. Lots of fans will turn up to show their support for their favorite football team wearing little other than a bikini.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the Bikini Girls will turn up in rain, sun or snow. This fan is determined to show her support no matter how cold it is, at least she has a hat to keep her head warm!

Russia – Soccer

Russia is hosting the World Cup this year, and thousands of their fans can be found throughout the arenas during the tournament. Of course, they are showing up to support their nation, but they are attending many of the games, even if Russia isn’t playing.

This fan is showing her support for her country by painting her face and waving around the Russian flag. She will be hoping she can inspire her fellow countrymen to greatness as they look to progress throughout the international soccer tournament.

Penn State Nittany Lions – Basketball

College sport can attract just as many fans as the professional game, sometimes even more. One thing many college sports fans are known for is their passion, often college students are given their own student section where they can cheer on their team and intimidate the opposition.

These basketball fans are cheering on their college team the Penn State Nittany Lions, and are determined to stand out from the rest of the crowd. They’ve painted their bodies in the colors of their team and even added the lion’s paw print.

Argentina – Soccer

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest soccer player to have ever played the game, and he just so happens to come from Argentina.

The greatest player of all time deserves to have the best support in the world, and Argentina’s fans can be considered that when you hear them in full voice during the games. This soccer fan is wearing the famous blue and white stripes of Argentina, a shirt that is one of the most iconic in all of soccer.

New York Giants – Football

The New York Giants didn’t have much to celebrate in the last season, they had a poor record of 3-13 and will be hoping for better things when the new season gets up and running again.

Even if the players can’t be relied upon, the fans of the Giants can be counted on to at least make their voices heard. This Giants fan is hoping that she can provide some super support to her team, turning them from zeroes to heroes.

New England Patriots – Football

The New England Patriots are one of the most successful football teams in the history of the sport. They have won the Super Bowl an incredible five times, with the most recent championship victory coming in 2016.

They are helped by their incredibly passionate fans, and this pair of fans have taken their support to the next level by painting their entire bodies in the colors of the team. Who needs to buy a replica jersey when you can just paint yourself in the team colors?

Iceland – Soccer

Iceland first reached a major international soccer tournament in 2016 at the European Championships and in 2018 became the smallest nation to ever qualify for the World Cup.

Their fans are known for helping to turn the tide in their favor, thanks to their amazing “Thunderclap” chant, where they all clap their hands in unison. Iceland’s population is just over 300,000, so if 30,000 fans are packed into a stadium, that’s 10% of their citizens. Clearly, fans like these two are an inspiration for the players on the field.

San Francisco 49ers – Football

Football team San Francisco 49ers have a distinct uniform they play in when on the field. It helps them stand out when they are playing and helps their fans to stand out in the crowd.

The crowd at a 49ers game can get pretty wild, but they often inspire them to victory. Players from the past have said that the crowd have gotten the assist on many touchdowns thanks to their incredible support. Judging by the Christmas hats on these fans they have even braved the winter weather to cheer on their team!