Here’s all the food The Rock eats in a single day

Over the last decade, Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, has been making his enormous presence known and has taken over Hollywood. Johnson shares a lot of his life on social media and always keeps his fans up to date on his workouts. He believes to succeed you need to be the hardest worker in the room, and The Rock has worked incredibly hard to get to this stage of his career. The Rock has gone from being a failed college football player to the biggest draw at the box office in 2018. He sets a relentless pace and lives life to fullest.

While that means working hard, he also makes sure to take time out for the important things. Mostly that’s his family, but once a week The Rock shares his enormous portions of food with his followers. Here are some pictures of The Rock eating his huge amounts of food, giving his fans massive food envy in the process. If you weren’t hungry before this story, you will be by the end of it!

Who are the pancakes for?

It looks as though The Rock is planning on sharing these delicious pancakes with his Hobbs & Shaw co-star Elian Sua, but we reckon we can guess who got the lion’s share. Hint: It wasn’t the young actress!

When The Rock goes out to breakfast he really puts the chefs to work, and this is just his usual order. He is showing how good an actor he is by pretending he’s never seen a stack of food that high before when we all know he loves to eat loads.

Did someone order a pizza?

We know The Rock is a huge guy but come on, how is he possibly going to fit that pizza inside his stomach? Sure he has to load up on carbs to get him through his workouts, but a pizza this size would probably take a normal-sized human about a week to eat.

Dwayne Johnson was ordered to eat this pizza by his personal trainer so he could load up on carbs to give him energy for a big week of filming. Normally personal trainers are telling us to eat less, not more. The Rock does appear to have a questionable pizza topping preference as there is pineapple all over that huge meal.

No one’s job is safe

Have you noticed that The Rock seems to be everywhere at the moment? If he isn’t on our movie theater screens, he’s presenting his own TV show, or promoting a healthy lifestyle through his social media account. He has pretty much taken over the world, and no one’s job is safe.

He strolled through his kitchen and noticed his personal chef was preparing fries for his family, and The Rock decided he knew better than the chef how to season them. This is him showing his own chef how it’s done. After proving he can do just about anything, what is left for The Rock to do? Up next, running for president!

Sushi is a favorite

If there is one meal type the Rock seems to love more than anything else it’s sushi, and he eats it by the bucket. It’s one of the most common meals he posts to his social media account, and they are always at least this big.

This time, instead of just a huge portion of sushi he’s given us a look at what The Rock’s sandwich game is like. He will be needing his hands to pick up those sandwiches as even someone as strong as The Rock won’t have the skills to eat those giant subs with chopsticks. To go perfectly accompany his sushi meal he filled those rolls with turkey, smoked ham, and cheese.

More sushi

It’s not just a little bit more sushi, it’s a whole truckload! The Rock will sit there and eat all of that food to himself, making us extremely jealous. Sure he has to work out like five times a day to make sure he keeps fit and toned, but it’s worth it if that’s what you get to eat.

For regular people, this looks like a meal for four, but for The Rock this is just a standard Sunday night. Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy a cheat meal to help them get through the rest of the week after eating pretty boring foods. The Rock makes sure when it comes to his cheat meals he takes advantage.

More to life than food

While grabbing a quick bite to eat before he heads to work, The Rock still makes time for the important people in his life, his family. His daughter wanted to paint his toes, but he didn’t have time, so she settled for painting his head.

Even though he didn’t want his face to be a lovely shade of green, how could he refuse when his daughter asked him so nicely? We wonder how often The Rock turns up on set with a brightly colored face thanks to his daughter’s artistic skills.

Getting his fix

It doesn’t matter that The Rock went to bed without having his giant cheat meal yet, there’s always time for eating pancakes in bed! They are going to be a little messy and leave crumbs everywhere, though.

When The Rock really needs to that hit of sugary pancake goodness then it doesn’t matter where he is, he needs them. The Rock made sure he got his pancakes, he just has to hope his wife didn’t mind the mess!

He doesn’t just eat the food

This photo shared by The Rock shows that he doesn’t just eat food, but he likes to cook it too. He said he got a text from his wife asking if he felt like cooking for his girls and he was only happy to help out in the kitchen.

According to The Rock, the meal was a success. The delicious ribs he prepared for his family went down a treat with no one spitting their food back out when it was served to them. Empty plates all round then!

Rocking out in the sky

The Rock doesn’t just enjoy a big portion of food while he’s sat at home and here he is dining out while flying high in the sky. What could beat a private jet escorting you all over the planet?

A private jet filled with enough food to keep even The Rock full! This is him on his way to Hawaii to finish yet another huge movie release, this time it’s Hobbs and Shaw, the Fast & Furious spin-off movie.

Cookies for everyone!

Well not really, they’re just for The Rock. This plate full of cookies looks more than enough for at least six people, but The Rock is getting himself prepared to demolish them all in one sitting.

In his social media post, he said he was looking forward to watching the Stranger Things episode on his laptop. According to The Rock, he would be eating the cookies by himself as he is all of these kids wrapped up in one!

The Joey special

The Rock looks like he’s been taking eating advice from the much-loved Friends character Joey Tribbiani. Joey was famous for loving his food and could probably give The Rock a run for his money to see who could eat the most.

There might not be enough food left in the world to find out the answer though. Here is The Rock with what became known as the Joey special in the sitcom, two pizzas! At least there is no sign of pineapple on either of these pizzas.

Cookie burgers

What’s better than eating one cookie? Slapping another on top and sticking some sweet, gooey peanut butter in the middle. What The Rock has now got himself are some cookie burgers!

The Rock was feeding himself this treat at 1:30 am and assured his social media followers that they were bigger than they looked. It’s not just five cookies but ten, and they look pretty great! These cookies were dessert for The Rock as he had already demolished a huge serving of sushi.

The People’s Eyebrow returns!

One of the things The Rock was famous for during his professional wrestling career was the People’s Eyebrow. All he did was raise his eyebrow, but wrestling fans lost their minds every time he did it.

The Rock needs to summon all of that fighting spirit he used to have in the ring as he tackles this huge portion of sushi. Johnson must be single-handedly keeping some sushi restaurants in business with the amount of food he orders from them.

His workout regime

The Rock has his own private gym at home, and he makes sure to use it. Unlike most of us, The Rock’s gym equipment is not gathering dust and he works out a lot. He works out so much that he needs to consume over 5,000 calories a day, which means these monster meals are a requirement.

If he’s working on set then he’s burning even more calories, so he gets the call from his personal trainer telling him to load up on carbs with giant pizzas. What a life! If only we could be bothered to hit the gym ourselves.

Pancakes for one

If you’re going to have a cheat meal then you might as well do it right, and it looks as though The Rock did just that with these pancakes. He must have spent the past week thinking about these delicious pancakes as he’s given himself a huge stack.

You can’t just eat a pile of plain pancakes though, they need some kind of topping. The Rock chose to give his pancakes the winning combination of maple syrup and peanut butter, yummy!