Homes of NFL and NBA stars: Before and after fame

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“With the first pick in the 2003 NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select…” How good is your NBA history? Don’t worry about it either way. Whether or not you know who the Cavs selected with their first pick, the fact is that the most emotional moment of many professional athletes’ careers is right then – when their name is called out, and they’ve officially “made it.” Before their name is called, there is tension in the room that is thick as lead, and no one always knows what is going to happen. But once a player finally gets drafted, there is an obvious feeling of deep emotional joy that everyone can see on the player’s face – and for good reason.

This is because many of these professional athletes overcame truly hard times to get to that pinnacle of success. When one becomes a real NBA player, their starting salary is whoppingly high – from $800,000 to five and even six million dollars a year. And that’s just the starting salaries! These are insane amounts of money! And for most of these players – paychecks like that are the kind that they never could’ve dreamed of. Many of these players went through hard times – and they powered through it.


How much do we love those stories? It certainly has a strong pull over us – and for good reason. They teach us a lot about how we’d like to try and navigate our own lives. When we’re inspired by players we look up to, all we want to do is find out more about them, discover what makes them tick, and how they live their lives.

But one of our favorite things to do when we follow the careers of these athletes, is see what they did with their newfound wealth. It may seem like something superficial, but when we look at an athlete’s modest childhood home, it fills our heart with warmth to see how far they’ve come, and we start to know this athlete a little bit more in the process. It’s almost like we can smell the evening french onion soup that the mother of Brandon Marshall is cooking on that steaming stove.

After appreciating where these athletes came from, we can then understand what it means for them to achieve the level of success that has allowed them the lavish homes they eventually bought with the money they earned, after all of their hard work. It makes us feel good, not because one home is better than another, but because of the journey their earlier and later homes attest to. Keep reading to see exactly what we’re talking about here, as we make the leap from humble beginnings to the athletes’ truly incredible homes they got later in life.

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Richard Sherman – childhood home

Growing up on the streets of Compton, he didn’t have the easiest upbringing. However, he went to Dominguez High School and immediately showed early signs of being a football talent. In 2006, Sherman was voted “most likely to succeed” by his classmates. Sounds like his classmates knew what they were talking about. But he wasn’t just all brawn – he had the brains too, achieving the title of salutatorian, graduating high school with a GPA of 4.2.

Richard Sherman – current home

These days, Richard Sherman plays cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks and he has also been a member of the Pro Bowl on four separate occasions, along with being voted All Pro four times as well. There was even a season where he led the league in interceptions, making a statement that when he is on the field, you’d better be careful if you’re a quarterback. Sherman’s accomplishments on the field have allowed him to purchase this 9,400 square foot, beautiful Seattle based $2.3 million house you see here.

Malcolm Butler – childhood home

Malcolm Butler came from humble beginnings in the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and graduated from Vicksburg High in 2009. He received a scholarship to the Hinds Community College, and would eventually go on to run track as well, where he would improve his athleticism. Also he would eventually become a football star, it’s interesting to note that he has a strong background in track related events, because to be a good football player, you need to be fast.

Malcolm Butler – current home

Butler was involved in one of the most widely discussed plays in the history of the NFL: in Super Bowl XLIX, he intercepted a pass aimed at the goal line with 20 seconds to go, stopping the Seahawks from winning it all. He has clearly made an impact in the NFL, and the proof is in the pudding of this picture you see here. Complete with a beautiful swimming pool and an expansive, multi-tier mansion, Butler’s house is the type of luxury that many people in the world only dream of.

Tom Brady – childhood home

Tom Brady is considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he wasn’t always Mr. Big Shot. He was originally was San Mateo, California, and the only son to a family of six (including the parents). He got into football really early on in his life, attending numerous San Francisco 49ers games, at the famous Candlestick Park. He would eventually go on to play college football for the University of Michigan in the late nineties.

Tom Brady – current home

As previously mentioned, Tom Brady is one of the top quarterbacks in history, and some people even consider him the best, bar none. They have some pretty good points – during his time on the New England Patriots, he became one of the only two football players to win the Super Bowl five times – and he became the only football player ever to do it for one team. By the way, if you’re wondering how much that gargantuan 22,000 square foot house of his is worth – it’s $20 million.

Brandon Marshall – childhood home

Brandon Marshall was also a football superstar who started off small. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and would later move to the states of Georgia, and later Florida. Florida was where also he played football in high school, during which time he also played basketball, and ran track. He would eventually attend the University of Central Florida, where he played wide receiver for their football team, and showed early signs of his substantial talent.

Brandon Marshall – current home

One of the things Brandon Marshall is well known for is his knack for dodging tackles, and break through opponents with his outstanding momentum. In fact, according to former NFL cornerback Brandon Flowers, Marshall is a defensive lineman who is simply playing wide receiver. His power on the field has allowed him to buy this $4.6 million beauty you see here. Apparently, Marshall designed it himself, including natural and organic elements that give the house a supremely relaxing vibe.

Jameis Winston – childhood home

Jameis Winston was in the small town of Bessemer, Alabama. He was studied at Hueytown High School and played football there, as well as baseball. During his time at Hueytown, he started to garner a lot of recognition from the media, and ESPN even named him the best quarterback recruit in the nation. He also won the Gatorade Player of the Year award, and he led his high school to win the state championship when he was only a junior.

Jameis Winston – current home

From his high school success, he went to Florida State University, where he became the youngest player of all tie to win a Heisman trophy. He also helped Florida State win the 2014 BCS Championship. Since he joined the NFL, his new paycheck has allowed him to buy this $1.2 million mansion in Florida, where he can hang his hat after a long game or practice – or perhaps kick off steam in his whirlpool tub.

Dak Prescott – childhood home

Dak Prescott certainly didn’t always have it easy. Caring for Dak and his two older siblings while living in Haughton, Louisiana, his mother Peggy worked as the manager of a truck stop to put food on the table. Eventually, though, Dak showed real talent on the football field, in Haughton High School, where he led his team to be the 2010 champions of the District 1 AAAA league. Sadly, Dak’s hardworking mother Peggy died in November of 2013 due to colon cancer.

Dak Prescott – current home

Since Prescott was drafted in 2016 by the Dallas Cowboys, he has been surpassing our expectations, since normally, if a player gets drafted in the fourth round, we don’t expect him to become the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, nor to be selected for the Pro Bowl. And speaking of exceeding expectations, we don’t think that Prescott thought he would be living in the beautiful home you see here when he was young – but in this case, his hard work definitely paid off.

Stephen Curry – childhood home

Like LeBron James, Stephen Curry is truly a basketball extraordinaire of the modern age. Unlike LeBron, Stephen did not face financial hardships during his childhood in Akron, Ohio, as his father is Dell Curry, former NBA player on the Charlotte Hornets, and he essentially grew up on the basketball scene. He didn’t know much poverty, but make no mistake – you don’t become an NBA legend by accident. You reap what you sow in this life, you best believe Stephen raked those hours in.

Stephen Curry – current home

Stephen Curry has turned people’s heads in a very intriguing way. He’s not only the member of a Golden State Warriors team that has one two championships. He’s not only a player that some people have been calling the greatest shooter of all time – he changed the way we look at the modern jump shot, and his contributions have already made history. Curry’s $3.7 million house on Walnut Creek should serve as proof that other people greatly appreciate his contributions to the sport.

Kawhi Leonard – childhood home

One of the more recent stars of the NBA, Kawhi Leonard also has a very interesting childhood. Leonard was born in sunny Los Angeles, California, and played basketball for Martin Luther King High school. During his time there, he gained nationwide recognition, and even earned himself the title of “California Mr. Basketball.” In 2009, high school scouts listed him as the Number 48 player in the nation – as time would tell, he would surpass all of their expectations.

Kawhi Leonard – current home

Kawhi Leonard is one of those players who isn’t flashy – so we’re not surprised if you missed him when he helped the Spurs win the 2014 NBA Finals before our very eyes. But his trademark modestly extends to his off the court life as well. Instead of spending his money on the giant mansions that his contemporaries buy, rumor has it that he prefers to spend his summers in the simple two bedroom San Diego apartment displayed here.

Blake Griffin – childhood home

Mr. Blake Griffin was originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His father, Tommy Griffin was an athlete as well, played basketball and running track at the university of Northwestern Oklahoma State. Blake was actually homeschooled by his mom for most of his middle school years, but once he got more integrated into the high school system, social integration wasn’t a problem for him by any means. These days, everyone knows that Blake is a team player.

Blake Griffin – current home

While Blake Griffin has had much individual success in the NBA, making the all star team five separate times, he has never made it to the NBA Finals, let alone win it. But of course, this could be because he was on the Clippers. However, he’s still had success in the real estate department – just check out his $9 million house that he bought in the Pacific Palisades. Complete with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and of course a built-in gym. What more could the big man need?

Russell Westbrook – childhood home

Russell Westbrook is an example of a player who simply got better and better as he progressed in the league. Born in Long Beach, California, and he used to dream with his childhood buddy, Khelcey Barrs II, about playing basketball for UCLA one day. In a tragic turn of events, Barrs died from an enlarged heart during a streetball game in 2004. Despite the loss of his friend, Westbrook eventually did realized his dream of playing for UCLA.

Russell Westbrook – current home

Westbrook has accomplished many things, but perhaps the peak of his accomplishments was in the 2017 season, when he was not only named MVP, but also became the only player other than Oscar Robertson to average a triple double in a season! His NBA success helped him buy this here house for $4.65 million – a true beauty of the Santa Catalina island right off of Los Angeles. And if you think that pool looks nice, wait till you hear that it’s filled with natural, refreshing saltwater.

Kevin Durant – childhood home

Another member of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant is quite the talent, but his childhood was not without its share of pain. In fact, soon after the time that he was born in Washington DC, his father left them. Luckily, his grandmother was around to help his mother raise the family. But there is some redemption to the story. When Kevin was 13, his father came back into his life and even traveled with him to various basketball tournaments.

Kevin Durant – current home

As mentioned before, Kevin Durant is a member of the fast paced, razzle dazzle, seemingly unstoppable Golden State Warriors, but he was already an NBA superstar before he joined their team. After he moved to the bay area in Northern California, he bought the modernized, mega sweet five bedroom pad you see here. Not only does the house possess a wide range of high tech features, it has a beautiful view of Oakland and San Francisco.

LeBron James – childhood home

Who better to end our NBA segment than with the one and only LeBron James. However, even though there aren’t many who don’t know his name, he had a very rough upbringing in Akron, Ohio. His mother was only 16 years old when she gave birth to him, and she raised him all on her own. They struggled financially a lot, and would constantly move apartments as Gloria James (LeBron’s mom), tried to find a steady job. But LeBron was a basketball prodigy, and things would change for them very soon.

LeBron James – current home

If you were a basketball fan in 2003, you most certainly were around for the hype that was the high school phenom LeBron James. His time in the NBA has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we are all witnesses. He has won an NBA championship three times, and the regular season MVP four times. Two of those NBA championships were won in Miami, where he bought this luxurious palace you see here for $9 million!