Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram photos show she’s so much more than Wayne Gretzky’s daughter

We live in an age where getting yourself exposed to the public eye is as easy as it’s ever been. Well, not exactly… the act itself of putting yourself out there is easier than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people are more inclined to check you out. On the contrary, because it’s so easy to put yourself out there, it has led to an overwhelming influx of people who have tried to thrust themselves into the spotlight of stardom. And in the wake of that, it has now become a lot harder to stand out amongst the crowd. Well, unless you’re Paulina Gretzky of course.

But let us be fair… Paulina was given a certain set of better circumstances. She is the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky himself, and therefore she grew up into the spotlight. It’s a lot easier for someone in Paulina’s position to “stay” in the spotlight than it is for an average joy to “break into” the spotlight. Still, we will give credit where credit is due… Paulina’s Instagram photos truly are impressive, and we think you’ll find yourself pretty surprised when you consider the fact that she’s Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.

In my own city

The caption that Paulina gave this photo is an interesting one, and it prompted us to analyze it a little bit. She captioned it “a tourist in my own city,” and it may give you a much deeper context as to how to perceive what’s going on here. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, or the “City of Angels,” this is clearly the city she is referring to, especially when you consider the sunny textural atmosphere and the green palm trees in the background. We’ve all been in that metaphorical space a time or two… sometimes we think we know a place so well, and yet we’re always discovering illuminating new truths about it.

I’m so wavy

If you have an eye for subtlety, you can see a number of things in the background of this photo. You may notice the turquoise hue of the ocean, and you also might notice the metal bars of a possible sail. But something tells us that regardless of what’s going in in the background, you probably didn’t get around to looking at it because you were too busy with what was going on in the foreground – such as our girl Paulina here. She certainly is looking really nice with her highlights and a white and purple shaded bathing suit, and her self description on her Instagram post was, “I’m so wavy.”

Put on a show

Being in the world of entertainment can be very influential for a person, and as you can see in this picture, Paulina has certainly been influenced tremendously. She has gotten to the point where every single one of her Instagram posts has a certain flair for the dramatic, and each one of them is more quirkier than the previous one. Paulina once gave a caption that read, “I’m a put on a show kind of gurl,” which is not only a Britney Spears quote, but also very reflective of what you see here.

Bahamas pose

Well, isn’t this just a marvelous picture. Even if Paulina wasn’t standing there with her head turned to the side in a natural, not natural candid pose, it would still look beautiful because of the ocean you see in the background. But where is this location? This is answered by none other than Paulina herself, in her Instagram post where she captioned this picture under “Bahamas.” Well, that settles it – we know where we’re going next for vacation.

You had me at aloha

Speaking of beautiful places to visit, here’s another one for you that’ll give the Bahamas a run for its money. The caption that Paulina gave for this picture was “you had me at aloha,” we leads us to believe that there’s a good chance this picture was taken in the magical state of Hawaii. But whatever she is, it clearly doesn’t seem to matter for her. She looks like she’s having the time of her life, a notion that’s capitalized when you consider the fun flower in her hair.

Keeping it cool

There’s something about being the child of a sports star that you grow up in a setting that’s unique to all of the other kids around, assuming you go to a regular school. She must have gotten a lot of attention from the people around her, and she must have had to learn how to keep it cool when things would get too overwhelming. Perhaps it’s fitting for the daughter of an ice hockey star to learn how to keep it “cool” – she must have been a natural.

Teacher outfit

Whether it’s Halloween, Coachella, a thematic birthday party, or any other time or place you can think of that involves dressing up, it’s always an exciting thing to do – and some like to do it more than others. Paulina is clearly one of those people, and you’ll soon see that this isn’t the only time she’s done so. The outfit she has on right now is a classic teacher or librarian get up, and we’re pretty sure detention had a full house that day.

Slay all day

And here we have yet another one of Paulina Gretzky’s most notoriously amazing costumes. Seriously, does she have a special contact at the costume store who’s making all of these perfectly tailor made suits for her? And let’s see, who is she dressing up as today… Looks like some sort of an assassin, Kill Bill-type character. Her caption for this picture was “slay all day,” so perhaps there is something to that assessment – what do you think?

Those eyes

Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes and gotten so lost in them that you forgot where you were? It’s one of those things that’s not easy to describe, but perhaps you can get a slight taste when you feast gaze onto this photo. She seems to be wearing a white bathrobe of sorts, and perhaps she just jumped out of the shower. But check out those eyes… there seems to be a certain golden glint in them that makes it hard to look away.


Ahh, there really is nothing like hanging out with your friends in a night out on the town. Except in this picture, it looks like her and her friend are still in the pregaming phase. If there’s something almost as fun as going out, it’s the preparation itself, and many people say that the pregame is actually the funnest part. As you can see here, Paulina and her close girlfriend are goofing off like the best of buds, and we can see what those people mean when they say that.

Home sweet home

There’s nothing like returning home after a long vacation, but about when the homecoming itself feels like a vacation? As you can see here, Paulina is certainly living the life, and whether you consider the fact that she captioned this picture, “Home sweet home,” it makes you wonder how often she gets to live life like this. If this is what her home looks like, she must be doing something right, and we’d like to know where we can sign up ourselves for this everlasting voyage.

Silly Paulina

At first glance, this picture may just look like another one of Paulina’s awesome pictures, and she certainly makes this especially true with a classic duck “kissy” face pose… But if you look twice, you’ll notice that she’s standing a giant laundry hamper. Well, how about that… Here we were, thinking that we had seen it all with this girl, and she pulls another fast one in front of us with this. This one has certainly got herself a nice sense of humor!

Good times and tan lines

To quote the great Barney Stinson, a character from the hit comedy sitcom How I Met Your Mother, “It’s not legendary if no one is there to see it.” This statement reflects on many things, but on the most poignant of levels, it really just means that there’s nothing like experiencing life with your friends. Paulina captioned this picture under the label, “Good times and tan lines,” and and we can see what she means when you consider the considerable tan she’s got here.

Emanating glow

We have to be honest with you about this one. We had to look at this picture about five or six times before we realized something that we should’ve realized right off the bat – she’s pregnant in the picture! Perhaps it was the fact that she was wearing a spandex jumpsuit, or perhaps it was because she seems to be sitting in a gym, and that threw us off. But either way, she obviously looks great, and do we even detect the faintest of glows emanating from her?

Struck by lightning

As you may or may not have noticed by this point, we have taken a strong liking to the various captions that Paulina has given to her Instagram pictures, and this one really takes the cake. When posting this picture, all she wrote next to it was a lightning bolt emoji. Well, it kind of goes with the whole “less is more” theme of this picture, doesn’t it? A simple selfie with a simple understanding that she’s hitting us like a bolt of lightning. How does it feel?

Ride wit me

If there’s something that’s always been true about Los Angeles culture, it’s the cars. While it’s East coast counterpart New York is famous for their subways, Los Angeles is famous for their cars, and riding around town is something of an activity in its own right when you’re in California. As you can see here, Paulina is not even driving and yet she’s excitedly posing for the camera, feeling at home in her leather seats and behind her shiny steering wheel.

Cat nap

Well hello there little tiger, would you like to take a nap? It seems as if Paulina and this baby tiger you see here struck something of a close friendship, and took the opportunity to grab a couple of winks together. She captioned the photo “cat nap,” and it surely does describe what is happening here as this unlikely couple drift off into their mystical dreamlands. They definitely look at home with each other, and it would be interesting if they hung out regularly.

Riding that plane

There’s nothing like a good plane ride to reflect on everything that’s going on in your life, right? As Paulina sits here in an aircraft thousands of miles in the sky, she looks intently at the camera and brings us into her world. There is something very intimate about this, because being on a plane is also a place where we kind of let ourselves go, right? It allows us to see a new vulnerable side of her, albeit still a stunning one, if we may add.