The wonderful wives and girlfriends of pro athletes


Even though we don’t like to encourage stereotypes, we feel compelled to inform you that this story is dripping with them. We can’t escape it… some ladies just love athletes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the more pressing matters at hand: the professional athletes of the world, and their impressive ability to land some truly wonderful wives.

Just because we’re discussing athletes who have managed to either date or marry some of the world’s highly sought out women, it doesn’t mean they managed to do it just because they’re athletes. Hey, you never know, maybe they actually have good personalities, right? Nevertheless, whether they stayed together or not, it’s still nice to appreciate these relationships from afar. Just don’t get too jealous.

Paulina Gretzky (wife of Dustin Johnson)

For the first girl on our list, we are pleased to present you with a young lady who has more ties than one to the world of athletics. Not only is she married to Dustin Johnson, a professional golfer, but she’s also the daughter of an NHL legend, the one and only Wayne Gretzky himself.

When you consider that, it comes as no surprise that Paulina went for an athlete when searching for a marriage partner. She needed to be with someone that could live up to her family standards of athleticism. Of course, there are those who might say that golf and hockey are on two separate plateaus, but we won’t get into that…

Kendall Jenner (girlfriend of Ben Simmons)

If you have any knowledge of the Kardashian clan, then you’ve heard of Kendall Jenner. The sister of Kylie, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney, and the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn (formerly Bruce), it goes without saying that she’s pretty well known. Regarding her recent dating life, she’s currently seeing Ben Simmons, NBA rising star and most recent Rookie of the Year.

But before she was seeing Simmons, she actually dated NBA star Blake Griffin as well – a storyline that has recently sparked some drama in the tabloids. Clearly, Kendall’s family has a thing for NBA players (her sister Khloe having dated two of them as well, Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson).

Anna Welker (wife of Wes Welker)

What is the old saying… till death do us part? Anna Burns, former covergirl for the Hooters calendar and the current wife of Wes Welker, certainly believes in that statement.

Or at the very least, she believes in sticking up for your spouse, no matter what the case. In fact, when Welker’s Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens, Burns tweeted some heated remarks against opposing player Ray Lewis. Well, at least we know she’s loyal, right?

Bruna Marquezine (girlfriend of Neymar Jr.)

There is nothing quite as exciting as a couple who look like they are about to get engaged, but still aren’t yet – there is just so much suspense in the air.

Such is the case with Neymar Jr. and his girlfriend, Brazilian runway model Bruna Marquezine. No one can be sure of this, but people have been speculating nonstop whether he will be popping the big question any time soon. But no pressure, Neymar… whenever you’re ready.

Victoria Beckham (wife of David Beckham)

This couple is perhaps one of the most famous All Star couples in all of sports. David Beckham, an international soccer phenom, has been married to Victoria Beckham for nearly 20 years now.

She is a singer who is perhaps best known for her role as Posh Spice in the musical pop group The Spice Girls, from the late ‘90s. But when she got together with Beckham, everyone around the world simply fell in love with these two. Can you say relationship goals?

Lauren Tannehill (wife of Ryan Tannehill)

Ryan Tannehill met Lauren, his future wife in Panama City, year 2009. The pair hit it off immediately and three years later tied the knot officially.

As you can see, she was more than happy to take his last name, which something that you can’t say about every woman on this list. Ryan and Lauren have recently announced that they are pregnant with their second child, to the sheer excitement of their fans and well wishers.

Kendra Wilkinson (ex-wife of Hank Baskett)

When NFL star Hank Baskett met Kendra, she was one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, and living in the Playboy Mansion. At that point, she realized that she wanted to move out and start a new life.

The pair got married in 2009, at which point Kendra decided to start her own reality show, called Kendra. They would go on to have two children, but as far as their relationship went, they eventually got divorced in 2018.

Abigail Clancy (wife of Peter Crouch)

There aren’t that many ladies who can light up a room on demand, but Abigail Clancy gets paid to do it. An English lingerie and catwalk model, this woman was not only the runner up to win Britain’s Next Top Model, but she was the winner of Strictly Come Dancing, season 11.

Peter Crouch, a professional soccer player and fellow Englishman, had his sights set on her, and made his move. He ended up scoring the goal, marrying her in 2011.

Adriana Lima (ex-wife of Marko Jaric)

This supermodel has been making guys fawn over her since the early 2000s, and it goes without saying that she could have had any man she wanted.

She chose to go for a professional basketball player, Serb Marko Jaric, who played for teams such L.A. Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Although the pair wed in 2009, and stayed together for quite some time – their romance was not to last, and they split up in 2016.

Hannah Jeter (wife of Derek Jeter)

Formerly known as Hannah Davis, she is a Sports Illustrated lingerie model who is probably best known for the work she did on the 2015 Swimsuit Issue. Seriously, go check it out if you haven’t yet…

Something tells us that Derek Jeter checked it out, considering the fact that the New York Yankee legend ended up marrying her only a year after the issue was released. There’s more than one way to catch a fish, and it looks like Hannah’s methods were pretty effective.

Eliza Dushku (girlfriend of Rick Fox)

Any Laker fans out there? For anyone that watched the Lakers win their three straight championships from 2000-2002, they know that Rick Fox was an integral part of their squad.

But long after Fox finished playing ball, he was on the hunt for something else – a sweet young woman. Very recently, that’s exactly what he found in Eliza Dushku, a well known brunette actress who appeared in popular teen comedy films such as The New Guy.

Brooklyn Decker (wife of Andy Roddick)

Here’s yet another star pairing, with tennis giant Andy Roddick and Sports Illustrated world class supermodel Brooklyn Decker. The two began dating each other in 2007, and they were engaged a year later.

One year after that, the lovebirds were married, before moving together to Austin, Texas, Roddick’s hometown. They would soon give birth to their first child, Hank, in 2015, and in 2017, they had their daughter, Stevie, rounding out their number of family members to four.

Elisha Cuthbert (wife of Dion Phaneuf)

For those of you who watched The Girl Next Door, the classic comedy film starring Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little bit jealous of NHL star Dion Phaneuf.

But it’s all good, because a little bit of jealousy can be healthy in small doses – let’s just not get too crazy now and do something we might regret. All jokes aside, we’re all very happy for the lovely young couple, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Elaine Alden (wife of Landry Fields)

When people first came into contact with Landry Fields, he was starting to make a pretty good name for himself on the New York Knicks.

He would eventually retire and become a talent scout for the San Antonio Spurs, but we think that his biggest accomplishment was acquired another bit of talent – model Elaine Alden. An Instagram star with almost 30 thousand followers, Landry fell head over heels for this broad, and convinced her to marry him in 2014.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (wife of Tim Hasselbeck)

Tim Hasselbeck went for a young lady who was immensely popular among an unconventional demographic of people – the Survivor fan community.

Elisabeth appeared in 2001 on the second season of Survivor, titled the Australian Outback, and from the fame she acquired from the show, she was able to become a famous talk show host. We’re not sure if Tim was a Survivor fan, but it’s clear that he knew what he wanted when he married Elisabeth.

Hilary Duff (ex-wife of Mike Comrie)

We first got to know Hilary Duff when she appeared as the star of Lizzie Mcguire, the Disney channel teen show. In typical Disney fashion, she would soon become a pop singer, releasing hit songs such as “Why Not” and “Let The Rain Come Down.”

She would eventually marry former NHL player Mike Comrie, although they have recently gotten divorced. Of course, this has given the slightest glimmer of hope to many of us who grew up watching her.

Bridgette Wilson (wife of Pete Sampras)

Here’s an interesting combination. Pete Sampras, a man who used to be the face of tennis, married to former Miss Teen USA Bridgette Wilson, who most people better know as Veronica Vaughn from Billy Madison.

But whether or not the pairing surprised you or not, you can’t deny that they make an adorably cute couple. To make things even sweeter, the pair have two wonderful children, and raise them in their home in Lake Sherwood, California.

Candice Romo (wife of Tony Romo)

After the break up of NFL star Tony Romo and celebrity singer Jessica Simpson, Tony set his sights elsewhere. He eventually landed on a lovely young blonde by the name of Candice Crawford (now Romo), who he would eventually marry in 2011.

The pair have been together ever since, and they couldn’t happier – at least, that’s what their smiling faces in their vibrant Instagram pictures suggest. In these pictures, you can see them with their two children, Hawkins and River.

Carrie Underwood (wife of Mike Fisher)

There have certainly been a number of ladies on this list that are actually more famous that their athlete husbands – and Carrie Underwood really takes the cake in that regard.

Perhaps the most successful woman to ever win American Idol, this country singer has been selling out arenas left and right over the years, and scoring in the family department too. Happy to settle down, she married Mike Fisher in 2010, and the pair are still going strong.

Jen Selter (ex-girlfriend of Chandler Parsons)

Although these two aren’t together anymore, we felt that we absolutely had to include this couple on this list, because people absolutely adored them.

Currently a player on the Memphis Grizzlies, this NBA star set his sights on wooing Instagram model sensation Jen Selter in 2017, and the pair would please their audiences with all kinds of engaging photos. Although they are no longer together, it’s still fun to reminisce about a time that once was.

Camille Kostek (girlfriend of Rob Gronkowski)

Catching footballs isn’t the only thing that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski does well. He clearly also has a way with the ladies, and one look at his longtime girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, should illustrate this point pretty strongly.

The pair are frequently seen together, whether it be in workout photos at the gym, intimate photos behind the scenes, or at high class events. Together, this power couple is a true force to be reckoned with.