Young woman bodybuilder goes viral

Try to think back what you were doing when you were 22 years old. Maybe you were in your senior year of college, working hard to prepare for your finals. Maybe you weren’t in college, but rather still figuring out what you want to do in life. Whatever you were doing, there’s a good chance you weren’t doing what Shanique Grant is doing now.

A bodybuilder and fitness instructor at 22, Shanique already knows very well what she wants to do with her life. Not only that, but she has already done so much it, working hard and long hours to sculpt for herself the body you see in the following photos. Trust us, there is a good reason why Shanique was able to garner an Instagram population of 241 thousand people. She’s a true inspiration to all of them – but her road to success was far from easy.


In fact, Shanique was faced with many people who didn’t exactly see eye to eye with what she was doing, with an event from her past forcing her to question everything she was doing, and make her wonder if becoming a famous bodybuilder was worth it. It’s all fine and good to follow your dream, and for the most part that needs to be the mantra of an individual who’s truly committed to their goal. But sometimes things happen that make you wonder how are far you’re willing to take your conviction. Something very frightening and unfortunate happened to Shanique when she was just getting popular, and she showed us what true empowerment looks like.

Out of the frying pan into the fire, and out of the fire into something better. This was Shanique’s mindset, because she knew that if she just kept working hard, it would eventually pay dividends. It turns out she was absolutely right, for even after she suffered a physical and psychological trauma, she was able to move past it and become a world-renowned champion.

Her accomplishments at her young age are truly remarkable, and they have helped other people in the world find their own path too. Thanks to her guidance, young individuals who look up to her have been inspired to pursue their passion, and everyone who sees her knows what true hard work looks like. Join us as we explore her story, and discuss what makes Shanique Grant truly amazing.

Meet Shanique

We would like to introduce you to a young 22-year-old woman named Shanique Grant. She is a strong professional bodybuilder who has recently amassed a large following on Instagram. But it’s not just about the fact that she has an impressive physique – she has also emerged as a fitness guru and strong leader to people all around the world, young and old, who are looking to get more fit. As you will see, Shanique is truly an inspirational woman.

Rock hard muscles

When you see her in this picture here, it’s not very surprising that she’s been such a source of inspiration. Having rock hard muscles and finely toned abs are certainly a prerequisite to being a well-known bodybuilder, but Shanique takes it further than that. She obviously works tirelessly to maintain the magnificent physique that she has, and this translates in full to her fans. People recognize when someone is passionate about what they do, and yet she still makes it look easy.

IFBB competitor

And if you think that it’s all just appearances, you better think again, because Shanique’s strength extends beyond the realm of mere Instagram pictures and all the way into worldwide competitions. She is a fierce competitor in IFBB, which stands for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. But not only does she stand strong as she competes against the greatest bodybuilders in the world, she holds her own against them too, gathering quite a few accolades for herself.

Unexpected talent

When she joined the IFBB, people were probably impressed by her appearance and by her background, but there is a good chance that they didn’t predict how much success she was about to have. They probably didn’t expect to win a total of three IFBB championships. In a Madrid-based worldwide competition that brings together the best of the best, the fact that she was able to win three titles before turning 23 is quite incredible.

Shanique “The Future” Grant

Ever since she has started to tear it up on the largest stage in the world possible for a serious bodybuilder, Shanique’s popularity has been rising like a rocket ship that is on its way to Mars. And one of the ways that this popularity is documented best is through the advent of her Instagram page, which has a fan base of 241 thousand people. Under the pseudonym Shanique “The Future” Grant, her name is making headlines, and her heart is moving mountains.

Emotional past

In a video she released to the public, Shanique talked about how she was bullied as a child, which led to her feeling very alienated and different. It also made her think it was important for her to be part of the “cool kids” – “I was not myself,” she says. After going through a traumatic life experience which we will discuss very soon, Shanique looked at her life long and hard and realized how strong she was as an individual, becoming motivated to change in the process.

That’s not me

What if we told you that before Shanique started looking like this, she was actually very hesitant about becoming a body builder? At some point around 2013, Shanique was starting to work out, but she wasn’t even close to looking like she does now, and someone had asked her if she ever considered taking things up a notch and competing professionally. She said to herself, “That’s not me” – she saw the life of other bodybuilders, and she wasn’t sure if she saw herself in that role.

Why can’t it be me?

But soon after, she started thinking to herself, “But why? Why can’t it be me?”. She continued to say in her video that she was “always the person to say no to things.” Isn’t there something in that statement that we all feel like we can relate to on some level? Shanique wasn’t sure if she wanted to make such a drastic change in her life – but then she opened herself up to it, and took a chance – and that’s when her new chapter started.

Lucky few

Let’s talk about professional bodybuilding for a quick second. Have you ever stopped to think what it is about the sport that draws so many people in? After all, to be a truly successful bodybuilder is an endeavor that many people strive for but only a select few manage to excel in. Indeed, Shanique is among the lucky few who have been able to find something within herself that allowed her to push herself to the limit.


The truth is, becoming a successful bodybuilder is so tough is because you must go through so much physical struggle. For the ones who choose to pursue it, most of them have already burned themselves out by the time they reach the professional stage. And for even a larger group of people, they aren’t usually able to reach that level of exalted greatness in the first place. The process truly separates the good, from the great, from the transcendent.

Best of the best

But for the ones who do manage to compete on the world’s biggest stage, and find that they aren’t burnt out, ready to keep going – the events that they compete in are held in quite high regard and they are treated with an endearingly high level of respect. This is something that can help us understand why Shanique is so special – she isn’t just someone who you look at and say “wow.” She was also victorious over many others just like her in intensely competitive atmospheres.

Hard work mystery

What is it about hard work that inspires us as people? Whether we see a person succeeding on the big screen, or whether we are simply watching our child excel at a piano recital, there is a certain common denominator that seems to always bring it all together – hard work. But why does it affect us so deeply when we see it come to fruition? What makes it so transcendent and inspiring, to the point that it can really affect positive change in other people’s lives?

Practice makes perfect

It’s all based on a very simple concept. This concept is the well-known idea that practice makes perfect. But this idea is actually just the root of it all – when a well seasoned guitarist plays a long extended improvised solo for adoring fans, what they are hearing is more than just notes in the air. They are hearing emotion, they are hearing trial and error, and they are hearing hours, upon days, upon months, upon years of tireless work ethic leading up to that moment.

World of dedication

This guitarist analogy is kind of exactly what it’s like when Shanique performs at her competitions, or when she posts a fitness tip, or even a photo that really displays a particularly potent muscle. When we look at the picture, we aren’t just seeing a young woman with big muscles. We are also seeing a world of pain and dedicated conscious effort to get where she is in that picture. What interesting is that we don’t always realize it.

Some enemies

But let’s move on and talk a little bit about what life has been like for Shanique ever since she became so popular around the world. The girl is all of the way on top, and she has been able to make connections, friends, and learn from some of the most talented people in the word. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is her biggest fan – the sad truth is that when you’re on top, people might have trouble accepting you – and you might make a few enemies.

Life roller coaster

When you’re trying to make it in this world, things aren’t always easy – the nature of life’s ups and downs is a tumultuous roller coaster ride, and right when you think you have everything figured out, that’s when the roller coaster sends you flying again. And right when you think that there is no one out to get you – alas, sometime you can be wrong in that regard as well. Sometimes life can rear its ugly head at you when you least expect it.

Rough times

Something upsetting and rough like this happened to Shanique in the year 2016, when she was already relatively well known in the bodybuilding community. She was working hard and rising in the ranks, and she probably never expected this event to happen to her. When it did, she was forced to backtrack and take a break in bodybuilding. One scary and unfortunate night would change the course of her career, and it could have easily been her downfall, had it not been for her empowering grit.

Night attack

One night Shanique was walking all alone, minding her own business, when she was attacked by a group of three women. She was severely wounded in the process, and thankfully she was able to escape with her life. That being said, although she was alive, her injuries were deep and withstanding, and she was forced to miss the 2016 IFBB pro competition. This was something that she had been working hard toward for a long time, and now she would be forced to miss it.

Unseen force

Imagine how frustrating that must be – to wake up every day with a routine in your head, a knowledge that everything you’re doing will all become worth it at some point because it’s all leading towards something. Now imagine that after all of that hard work, you get attacked by a unseen force, a radical change in your life’s atmosphere that you could have never anticipated. It’s not just the physical aspect that affects you – it’s the psychological and emotional aspect about it too.

Psychological setback

A physical injury can set you back for some time, but at the end of the day, that’s all it is – a physical injury. When you’re first starting to emerge into the public spotlight like Shanique was during that time, your life is exposed to many people. And if you get attacked by not one, but three people, it can naturally give you the feeling like someone doesn’t like you. Like you’re not wanted. An occurrence like that can truly psychologically bring a person down.

Can’t keep me out

But once again, this is a perfect example where we see why Shanique Grant is truly a unique person. Her ability to not let petty crimes, like the one that was done to her, stand in her way, is truly remarkable. Instead of allowing this incident to scare her, she used it as fuel to keep her bodybuilding story going. These people might have been trying to scare her away from the spotlight, but they could never keep her out for long.

Instagram reaction

Shanique even took to her Instagram page to talk about it, which didn’t have 241 thousands followers yet, but all the same it had a substantially large following. This is what she said about it. “Things happen… I’m not going to say that I’m okay, but I’m trying to cope with this in the most calming and professional way I can.” The key word that seems to stick out to us here is “calming” – as if she knows that serenity is her best ammo in this situation.

Why did they do it?

But although we’ve already acknowledged that Shanique is incredibly strong for being able to move past this trial, that doesn’t take away from the fact that she was the victim of a crime, and we can’t help but ask ourselves the question – why would they do something like this? Why would three women gang up on one unarmed and unsuspecting woman, and attack her for no apparent reason? What they did was absolutely unacceptable, and we want to know what their reasoning for it was.

Hey jealousy

Could it possible have been due to jealousy? This is something that can turn the biggest saints into bitter and ugly embodiments of people, and although jealousy takes many forms – it obviously doesn’t always result in a crime – nevertheless it may have been a partial catalyst for it. Shanique was getting really popular at the time, and it could be that some people knew that and decided that they were unhappy with their lot in comparison.

Competitive angst

Or perhaps the attackers reasoning had nothing to do with jealousy – maybe it had to do for with competition. Perhaps they had a stake in the the outcome of the upcoming IFBB games, and they figured that by attacking Shanique they’d be taking her out of the running, thus manipulating the outcome. We don’t know if this was their reasoning, but they got their wish if it was, considering Shanique was forced to take a break from performing because of her wounds.

Didn’t deserve it

Whatever the criminals’ reasoning for doing what they did was, Shanique didn’t deserve it in any shape or form, and we hope that one day they will come to regret their actions. Thankfully, the injuries that Shanique sustained were by no means fatal, and as we know, she managed to continue her bodybuilding efforts, win three IFBB titles, and turn herself into somewhat of a leader to a large population of hard workers that look up to her.


Something else needs to be said regarding Shanique and her popularity – there have been people out there that may not necessarily agree with everything she’s doing. We aren’t talking about criminals now – we are talking about average citizens that see Shanique and simply aren’t the biggest fans. This shouldn’t be seen as very surprising – she is a very polarizing character, and it’s natural that people would have all kinds of opinions about her.

Different mindsets

For instance, in many of Shanique pictures, her muscles look so big that they almost seem unnatural. There are many fitness instructors out there that don’t exactly promote this method of training. Many instructors put a strong emphasis on having a well toned body, with features that are balanced naturally from head to toe. They aren’t exactly promoting the ideals that Shanique’s body of work suggests, such as an overwhelming focus on muscle building – some see this mindset as being less healthy.

Preconceived norms

There is another small factor that may be rubbing people the wrong way. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that puts a lot of preconceived norms on the way men’s bodies are supposed to look, as well as women’s bodies. The body that Shanique has worked toward makes her look stronger than not only most women, but also much stronger than most men in the world. It’s quite possible that many people around the world may not be the biggest supporters of that.

Relentless engine

But let us be clear when we say the following – the opinions of other people, positive or negative, take nothing away from the incredible work she has done up until now. This is the beauty of our scenario – it is doesn’t matter at all what other people think. The engine that has brought Shanique to this point in her life is the idea that she knows what she wants, and she knows how she’s going to get it. No one can stand in her way after that affirmation.

Her website

In fact, she is so confident about everything she’s doing, and is so professional about her image, that she has even created her own personal website – On this website, you can read everything there is to know about her, but the website is mainly there to give people out there the option to receive training lessons from her. She offers one on one coaching in person, as well as online coaching, and the headline on her site is “train with the best” – she has a point there!

Her and her coach

In this picture, we see Shanique deep in an interview after winning the Karina Nascimento Classic, a competition less to do with strength and more to do with appearance. In addition to Shanique and the interviewer, in the picture is also her posing coach. By the way, we also didn’t know that there was such thing as a posing coach, but there is, and she apparently helps out with bodybuilders ability to look appealing on stage – and you thought she was a natural.

Not your typical 22-year-old

Shanique Grant is certainly not your typical 22-year-old girl. Heck, when most of us were 22 years old, we were still trying to figure out what our college major would be. It is unlikely that many of us would have already won three bodybuilding competitions on an international level, but she was about to do it. And she did it overcoming astronomical odds, including naysayers and people that tried to bring her down – all the while being an inspiration to thousands of people.