The benefits of TRX

Have you ever heard of TRX? The name might not be familiar, but there’s a good chance you’ll have seen someone doing it, either at the gym or out and about. TRX is also known as suspension training and requires very little equipment to get going. The only kit required is the specialized bands which hang from the ceiling (or some other apparatus) and then you’re straight into your workout. If you’re wondering whether TRX is something you should start taking up, here are the benefits you ought to know about.

Versatile and adaptable

First off, suspension training is a great thing to take up if you’re looking for a way to train your whole body without investing in a gym membership. It requires a one-off payment for the bands (which might put you off at first) and can be done anywhere, so long as there’s something to attach the bands to.

The benefits of TRX

It’s also an exercise that people of all levels can take up. It’s easy to change how much of your weight you put on your muscles, so those who are new to working out don’t need to worry. It won’t be too severe a workout your first time around, and you can build up the intensity as you progress.

Low impact

Certain exercises like running are high impact and can have a damaging effect on your body over time. TRX, on the other hand, is extremely low impact, because it involves suspending your body in the air. Thanks to this, you’re less likely to get injured when working out and your joints will stay strong. This is a great exercise if you’re someone living with an existing injury, as it shouldn’t give you any pain when working out.

Works your core

If you’re not sure what part of your body your core constitutes, we’ll tell you now that it’s about more than your abs. Your core also includes your pelvis, back and chest – that’s a lot. Due to the way that the different TRX exercises are structured, your core is always being trained when you workout, and that has to be a good thing. Having a strong core reduces the risk of injury and gives you better posture (which in itself is hugely beneficial for improving your health).

Could reduce cardiovascular disease

A study undertaken by The American Council on Exercise found that following a TRX training program for an extended length of time could be beneficial for heart health. They found that participants showed a significant decrease in their body fat percentage, blood pressure and waist circumference, and were also burning something in the region of 400 calories for every workout they did. These results indicate that a person who was to continue doing TRX for their regular exercise routine would be less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of TRX

Great for cardio and strength

Normally if you do a workout, you have to decide whether or not to focus on improving your cardio or your strength. People who spend all their time lifting weights in the gym aren’t doing anything for their endurance. Luckily, TRX is one of those rare workouts which can target both cardio and strength. It all depends on the speed at which you do the exercise, but suspension training can be a great way to increase lung capacity and help you improve your endurance. At the same time, you’re constantly working your muscles, no matter what exercise you’re doing. It’s a win-win situation.
With all the benefits that come from doing a TRX program, it’s a wonder why you’re still here reading this. Get out there and start giving your body the workout it deserves. Suspension training is the way to go.

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