The net worth of the biggest WWE stars of all time

The net worth of the biggest WWE stars of all time

Professional wrestling stars leave everything they have in the ring to put on a show for their fans. They put their lives in the hands of their fellow superstars and work on the road pretty much all year round. World Wrestling Entertainment is the biggest promotion in the sport and to compensate the performers for their monumental efforts they get paid pretty handsomely. Many of them become so famous from wrestling that they star in movies or crossover to other sports. These are the net worths of the WWE’s top stars.
[post_page_title]Steve Austin – $50 million[/post_page_title]
Wrestling fans of a certain generation will know all about Stone Cold Steve Austin. The foul-mouthed anti-hero of the wrestling world in the ‘90s, Austin was the face of the company for many years, and fans couldn’t get enough of him.
Steve Austin – $50 million

Nicknamed the Texas Rattlesnake, Austin has amassed a net worth of $50 million thanks to his time on top of the wrestling world. Due to injury, Austin hasn’t wrestled since 2003, but with his own TV show, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, and podcast, Austin is still making plenty of cash.

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