These people made the great outdoors a laughing matter

The great outdoors has a lot going for it. Wide open spaces, breathtaking natural views, the ability to reconnect with nature, it’s all good. It is, however, also an intensely chaotic place, where the slightly more ridiculous sides of humanity can be drawn out. Anything can happen out there in the wild, so it’s always a good idea to be properly equipped. With a camera that is.
[post_page_title]Leaning tower of tents[/post_page_title]
For some people, regular camping isn’t enough, and they need something a little stronger. This person has made their life vastly more efficient, constructing some sort of ad-hoc RV to avoid the conflama of having driving to a campsite and setting your tent up be different tasks. This person is their own campsite, and on wheels too!

Leaning tower of tents

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