This woman heard noises coming from behind the wall and found a kitten inside

Houses seem to have a life of their own sometimes. The older they get, the more they start to make noises that don’t sound too healthy. The doors and floorboards creak, the pipes rattle, and all without you ever touching them. It can make being at home feel a little bit scary sometimes, but when this one woman heard a strange noise from behind her wall, she put on a brave face and investigated.
[post_page_title]Mysterious noises[/post_page_title]
It’s spooky hearing strange sounds in your house, especially when you’re alone. You instantly fear that your life is in danger, even if there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the noise.

One mother got the surprise of her life when she came home to find a mysterious noise coming from her walls, especially as she didn’t know what was causing it. It sounded like someone – or something – was crying, so she set out to find it. Once she located the source of the sound, she wasn’t prepared for what greeted her.
[post_page_title]Long day at work[/post_page_title]
It all happened when the woman returned home from work one day. She was exhausted and just wanted to relax, but the mysterious noises kept her on edge.

The mother wasn’t one to believe in the paranormal, yet she couldn’t explain where the phantom crying was coming from. It certainly wasn’t her kids, and no one was trying to play a trick on her, so why were the walls suddenly making such strange sounds? Surely there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for it all… right?

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