Times Royal Family members were caught off-guard in moments they regretted

[post_page_title]A trip to rehab[/post_page_title]
Believe it or not, but the Royal Family might not be as squeaky clean as we once thought. Prince Harry has been through a lot in his life, including his parents’ public divorce and the passing of his mother, Princess Diana. Although it looked as though Harry had found a way to cope with it all, it wasn’t always up to the standards of the rest of the family. The young Royal soon turned to illegal substances and drinking which earned him a one-way ticket to rehab.

A trip to rehab

Prince Charles wanted to help his son, so enrolled Harry in the Featherstone Lodge Rehabilitation Center back in 2002. Royal officials announced that Charles hoped to educate his son about the dangers of his choices, and thankfully, it looks as though Harry learned his lessons from his past. That or he’s really good at keeping secrets from the media.

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