The top current outfielders in the MLB

[post_page_title]Mike Trout, CF, LA Angels[/post_page_title]
Mike Trout isn’t just the best outfielder in the league, he’s arguably the greatest and most valuable player in the majors at the moment. Some may even say the best all time. Trout, who is turning just 27 this season, is a career .308 hitter and is averaging .332/.414/.574 so far in 2018. He’s even improved his defense. Yes, Trout, who has provided us with hours worth of highlights, has improved his defense. It was may be the only stat he had left to improve after already improving hitting fastballs and increasing his number of stolen bases from 11 in 2015 to 30 in 2016. Not everyone is perfect, so it makes sense he had to improve something, right? Well, he did. His Outs Above Average so far in 2018 is +4, not the best in the league, but the best in his illustrious career. We haven’t even mentioned his 6.4 WAR, the best in the league by nearly 2.00 points. GOAT? Yeah, we’ll crown him the outfield GOAT.

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