Paulina Gretzky's Instagram photos show she's so much more than Wayne Gretzky's daughter

We live in an age where getting yourself exposed to the public eye is as easy as it’s ever been. Well, not exactly… the act itself of putting yourself out there is easier than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people are more inclined to check you out. On the contrary, because it’s so easy to put yourself out there, it has led to an overwhelming influx of people who have tried to thrust themselves into the spotlight of stardom. And in the wake of that, it has now become a lot harder to stand out amongst the crowd. Well, unless you’re Paulina Gretzky of course.

But let us be fair… Paulina was given a certain set of better circumstances. She is the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky himself, and therefore she grew up into the spotlight. It’s a lot easier for someone in Paulina’s position to “stay” in the spotlight than it is for an average joy to “break into” the spotlight. Still, we will give credit where credit is due… Paulina’s Instagram photos truly are impressive, and we think you’ll find yourself pretty surprised when you consider the fact that she’s Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.
[post_page_title]In my own city[/post_page_title]
The caption that Paulina gave this photo is an interesting one, and it prompted us to analyze it a little bit. She captioned it “a tourist in my own city,” and it may give you a much deeper context as to how to perceive what’s going on here. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, or the “City of Angels,” this is clearly the city she is referring to, especially when you consider the sunny textural atmosphere and the green palm trees in the background. We’ve all been in that metaphorical space a time or two… sometimes we think we know a place so well, and yet we’re always discovering illuminating new truths about it.

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