The untold story of wrestling underdog Daniel Bryan

Get ready to rumble, because one of the biggest stars of professional wrestling has recently returned to action. We’re talking, of course, of The American Dragon, The King of Beards, the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) himself – Daniel Bryan! We’ve been a long time to see him back in the ring, and we’re happy to report that it’s finally happened.
Bryan was propelled to wrestling immortality thanks to his skills on the mat, charisma, tenacity, and his ability to rev up his fans in the crowd through fiery promos on the mic. His initial underdog status also endeared him to fans, who began rooting for this short, lean outsider who wanted to win more than anything.
Never forgetting his roots as an independent wrestler, Bryan brought no-holds-barred style and raw showmanship to each and every match, winning against well-groomed talent from within the WWE hierarchy, whose promoted wrestlers were normally bigger, clean-cut, and more muscular guys set up as larger-than-life personas. Bryan, on the other hand, came in swinging as an average, gruff everyman who beat the odds.

As his star continued to rise, Bryan even managed to find love in the ring. The Bella Twins, a wrestling duo made up of twin sisters Brie and Nikki, were shown to be fighting for his affection, going as far as to wrestle over him. It was during the heated ringside altercation between sisters that Daniel and Brie noticed that their feelings for one another went beyond the promoted love triangle, and were genuine. For these two love birds, first came wrestling, then came marriage, and then their first child was born. Little did they know, however, that a shocking revelation was about to threaten their happiness.
High on fame, success, and love, it seemed as though nothing could stop Bryan. But it was then a tragic discovery put his entire career in jeopardy, and even potentially bringing it to an end. It took a lot of hard work and determination, but after being sidelined for far too long, our boy is at it again, and ready to take on the competition.
We’ve got to say that we missed Bryan’s renegade style as a wrestler, which is why we decided to take a look at his illustrious journey from the bingo halls of wrestling’s independent circuit, to the WWE’s biggest stage of them all, as the Greatest Of All Time who has returned.
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On March 20th, 2018, after two years outside the ring, Daniel Bryan finally announced his return to WWE’s Smackdown Live. After giving an impassioned speech, he confirmed he’ll be returning to the ring, with the crowd roaring its approval. Despite his inspiring return, Bryan was then given a brutal beatdown by villainous superstars Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Nevertheless, his return made it the most watched episode in a year, as fans rallied around the beleaguered former champion, who’s faced incredible odds and come back for another shot at glory.

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