When this father was forced to abandon his child in court, he got help from the most unexpected place

When Jose needed to go to court one day, he was stuck bringing his daughter along with him. However, once it was time for his hearing, he was forced to leave Abi alone in the waiting room. At just two years old, there was no way he could abandon his child. Fortunately, that’s when an unexpected hero stepped in to save the day.
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As soon as you have a kid, you have to make adjustments to all aspects of your life just to accommodate them.

You’re no longer free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and that can cause a few problems. It certainly didn’t make things easy for devoted father Jose Moncayo when he had to go to court. Forced to bring his daughter with him, he soon faced the hardest decision of his life when he had to leave her in the waiting room. Thankfully, someone came to his rescue.

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