These famous female athletes look perfect on the red carpet

These famous female athletes look perfect on the red carpet

Female athletes, renowned for their physical abilities and elite performances, show a different side of themselves on the red carpet. None of this diminishes one iota from their achievements on the field or in the gymnasium, but rather, allows them to celebrate their fit physiques while giving fans an opportunity to get to know them during their off time. Take a look at the women at the top of their game as they take a break from training and competing to just have some fun.
[post_page_title]Paige Spiranac (Golf)[/post_page_title]
Not only is Paige Spiranac known for being a professional golfer, but she is also known by most for her interesting fashion choices and trendy dresses that she wears at occasions such as these.
Paige Spiranac (Golf)

This dress that she is wearing here is indeed quite different than the casual old get up you might see her wearing on the golf course. In this marine colored silk dress, she looks happy, healthy and comfortable – like any athlete should.

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